You do not have to drop your sense of style and start wearing boorish clothes just because you are expecting. Most expecting mothers fail to realize they can still be gorgeous for the whole of the nine months of pregnancy. As a working-class expecting mother with an already visible bump, it might be a little stressful to pair your new status with your wardrobe.

With a few fashion tips, you would be able to dress comfortably and stylishly during pregnancy. These style tips would not only boost your self-esteem during the duration but also make you appreciate your pregnancy body even more.

Looking Gorgeous During Pregnancy

  1. Buy Wrap Dresses : Wrap dresses are a must have in every pregnant woman’s wardrobe. They are not only comfortable but also stylish especially when there is no buttons and zipper to deal with. They can serve as office, dinner or even casual wears. They are versatile. To make them work well for you during your pregnancy. Go for a longer length than what you would normally wear to compensate for the length that would be lost to the bump.
  1. Always Get a Bigger Shoe Size : As an expecting mother, when you go shoe shopping, always go for sizes that are a size bigger than your original size. This is so that it can accommodate your swelling feet eventually. Swelling in the feet may vary from one pregnant woman to the other or according to how warm the temperature may be. However, it is always advisable to shop for a bigger size up to be on the safe side and for comfort.
  1. Invest in Maternity Shorts : During pregnancy, you will most likely add some weight, but that should not hinder you from wearing body fitted clothes. You should get some maternity shorts to help smoothen and cover all the lumps you have. They also make your clothes fit you’re better and help you look more in shape than typically clothes would.
  1. Wear More Flats and Sandals : If you desire comfort and style, your best choice would be flats and sandals. Trade in your heels for some pairs of stylish and comfortable ballets pumps and sandals. They are spacious enough to provide sufficient room your swelling feet would need and arch support. You might have worn a lot of heels before your pregnancy, but it is advisable to give it up especially during the last trimester. It becomes a little harder and uncomfortable to balance your weight on a pair of heels when you’re expecting.

12 Fashion Tips For Expecting Mothers

  1. Invest in Some Maternity Panties :  It is best to pack up your regular panties and invest in some maternity panties during the duration of your pregnancy. Maternity panties are stretchy enough to give you extra space to accommodate your weight gain. They are also low cut, which means they would not interfere with your bump. As an alternative to getting maternity pants, you can also buy bigger panties that would provide you with enough space.
  1. Wear Darker Colors : It is a well-known fact that dark colors make you look slimmer than you are. So, you should consider getting more outfits in darker colors to help hide the newly gained weight. It would make you hide your weight gain and make your bump look smaller than it is.
  1. Purchase Some Good Fitting and Supportive Maternity Bras : One of the first signs to show that you are expecting is an increase in your breast size. Before your bump becomes visible, your breast might have doubled in size. To create the illusion of the former size and make it look less full, you should buy maternity bras that fit properly and give good support. Bigger bras and fitted bras are a must have for every expectant mother. They are among the first things you should buy. When your underwear is comfortable, you are 80% comfortable.
  1. Wear Elastic Waist Trousers : You can wear trousers when you are expecting. When you are pregnant, elastic trousers should replace regular trousers. The elastic at the waist stretches to accommodate your growing bump. You do not have to worry about buttons and zips making you uncomfortable. You don’t need to worry about moving out without buttoning your jeans. The good thing about elastic waist trousers is that you can wear them during pregnancy and post pregnancy until you lose all the baby fat.
  1. Wear More A-line Tops : You should wear more of A-line tops to accentuate your shape and give your bump enough space. The tops should be fitted with the neck and flow under the bust. It does not only flatter your figure but also gives your growing bump enough space to grow. This way you can wear the tops for the duration of your pregnancy, and you can still wear it post-pregnancy.
  1. Flaunt Your New Curves with Stretch Fabrics : You can still look sexy and stylish when expecting if you invest in more stretch fabrics among other things. They would hug your curves and bump while emphasizing the definition between your bust and bump. You should also purchase a wrap dress in a stretchy fabric, so you do not have to worry about zippers or button.
  1. Maxi Dresses : Maxi dresses are also a must have for your pre-baby wardrobe. They can serve before, during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the high waist design would accentuate your waist and would accommodate your growing bump comfortably.
  1. Leggings : Leggings are made of stretchy materials making them the go to choice for comfort during pregnancy. Their stretchy nature can accommodate your growing bump and weight gain all through the duration of the pregnancy. They also ease blood circulation which helps to reduce swelling in the legs. They are good options during the summer because they are light and airy. Leggings fit all body types.


Being pregnant does not mean you should be uncomfortable and unstylish. With this fashion tips, you can look attractive during your pregnancy.

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