If you’re currently considering adult orthodontic treatment, you’re probably fighting both sides of the ring, with part of you saying ‘just go for it’ with the other half trying to get you to seek some form of justification and encouragement. In many instances, you’ll know you need to take the steps to straighten your smile, however with braces typically associated with teenage years, it’s often not as easy as simply booking an appointment at your local orthodontists in order to start your treatment.

To offer a little positive encouragement, we’ve teamed up with Queens Gate Orthodontics (www.queensgateorthodontics.co.uk) in order to bring you five celebrities who had braces as an adult:

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has an award winning smile, however if you look back to pictures of when she first joined Girls Aloud, that certainly wouldn’t have been the case. Whilst Cheryl’s teeth certainly weren’t what you would class as bad, there was a clear need for improvement and the difference which Invisalign (and likely veneers afterwards) made was huge!

5 Celebrities Who Had Braces As An Adult

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani famously told a reporter that, ‘I always told myself that when I got rich, the first thing I’d do would be to get braces,’ and unlike many of the other celebrities here, she opted for traditional metal ‘train-track’ braces. Whilst also sporting bright pink hair at the time, we think Gwen’s braces suited her look brilliantly and added that little sparkle to her smile!

Delta Goodrem

The Australian singer and former Neighbours star was fitted with ceramic braces during her cancer treatment to stop her teeth from shifting, however it turns out that she also had a mouth full of metal as a teenager to get that beautiful smile in the first place!

Katy Perry

Whilst this is perhaps cheating, Katy Perry sported a full metal mouth (complete with headgear) in her video for ‘Last Friday Night.’ Whilst it’s not clear whether Katy had the braces bonded directly to her teeth or whether they were produced as a removable appliance for the shoot, it certainly looks from the video as though, for a short time, she was fitted with fixed braces! They looked brilliant and, as far as we’re concerned, suited her no end! Katy also Tweeted recently regarding Invisalign so it looks as though her brief braces experience encouraged her to go for the real deal and straighten those crooked lower teeth!

Holly Willoughby

The ‘This Morning’ star Tweeted back in 2011, ‘Brace yourselves, I’ve got braces…eek!’ Whilst many would haven’t seen anything wrong with her teeth beforehand, it seems that Holly Wanted to perfect her teeth that little bit further and opted for C-Fast braces to do so. Whilst, following this Tweet, discussions around Holly’s braces died down and we’re not quite sure how long she wore them for, she had initially replied to a fan saying she’d hopefully only have them on for two month’s. We were lucky enough, at the time, to be treated to a picture and you can see from this how discreet clear braces really are!

All in all, if you’re currently considering adult braces then go for it! If these five can go out in public with braces as an adult…so can you!