Looking good is always awesome and it gives a great impression to people around you.  If you want to dress better we got you covered. Here are few fashion tips to look fashionable always. Every man should know them.

5 Fashions Tips For Men 2017

  1. Clothes should fit

No matter how expensive or beautiful an outfit is if it doesn’t fit it will never look nice on you. When you are buying clothes try them out before proceeding to pay. Well, technology has changed a lot of things and we now do most of our shopping online- this can be tricky, right? Just like playing table games at casino. If you really know your sizes then there’s no problem. Your clothes mustn’t be too tight or too large. Proper fit is always King!

  1. Do not dress too many colours

Choose your colours carefully and the colours should look nice on you. Don’t wear more than three colours otherwise you’ll start looking like a decorated Christmas tree or an online slots machine. Summer is the season to play around with different colours but you should not overdo it.

  1. Throw in some few accessories

Accessories are there to complete your look. Consider wearing a neck chain, bracelet and watch but do not wear more than three pieces of jewellery unless you’re going for hip-hop video shoot. The golden rule is to keep it simple!

  1. Pay more attention to your footwear

Stunning shoes always do the magic and wearing ugly shoes can ruin everything as well. There is a popular saying that is still relevant to date “You can judge a man by his shoes”. Each outfit has perfect shoes for it, either formal wear or casual wear. For formal wear, black or brown shoes are always the preferable ones. A pair of loafers, sneakers and leather shoes should be part of your shoe collection.

  1. Do not buy a suit online

A suit is something you consider buying in person not online because suit cuts differ from label to label.