There is more than one way for the stars of the silver screen to make extra cash. When you are a high-profile movie star, it is only to be expected that some of the world’s most recognisable (and sometimes Unrecognisable) brands will be after your attention for an endorsement deal.

Of course, there is a price for an endorsement as we take a look at five Hollywood stars who have cashed in on TV Endorsement deals to further swell their coffers.

Nicole Kidman – Chanel No.5/Etihad Airways

American/Australian actress Nicole Kidman may have just turned 50, but she can still stop the heart of many a male.

Perhaps most famous for starring roles in films such as Eyes Wide Shut, Batman Forever, Moulin Rouge and Days of Thunder (and of course for being married to Tom Cruise for eleven years). Kidman is no stranger to the odd TV endorsement deal.

It is her advertising campaign for upmarket perfume Chanel No.5 which saw the Oscar winner become a household name on the small screen.

Recently, she was in an endorsement deal with Etihad Airways in which the advertising campaign did not go as planned after the Association of Professional Flight Attendants released a statement criticizing the actress and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for Women for appearing in the commercials of an airline that “imposes abusive labour practices on its female employees.”

Verne Troyer – bgo

Verne Troyer may be just 2ft 8in tall but the American has a big personality, few can forget his starring role in the movie franchise of Austin Powers as Mini-me as well as roles in films such as Jingle all the way, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Love Guru.

These days, Troyer can be seen strutting his stuff telling punters they ‘can’t beat me’ in his TV advertising campaign with bgo Casino.

Alec Baldwin – Capital One/BT Mobile

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to the small screen having started his career as an actor on NBC daytime soap opera The Doctors and has had role in Friends, Will and Grace and even Thomas the Tank Engine.

On the silver screen, Baldwin’s most famous roles include, The Cat in the Hat, The Departed and The Hunt for Red October.

Baldwin’s illustrious career has also seen him take TV endorsement deals with credit card provider Capital One and more recently in the UK for BT Mobile where his ‘Dramatic Delivery’ was the star of the show.

Ewan McGregor – Davidoff Adventure

McGregor is known as an adventure loving, bike riding Scotsman who has an impressive CV when it comes to his acting credits.

Star Wars, Trainspotting, Angel and Demons and Beauty and the Beast all feature McGregor in a prominent role.

It was only fitting then that McGregor should make some extra money endorsing Davidoff’s Adventure aftershave taking advantage of his numerous motorcycling trips up and down the globe.

Rob Lowe – DirecTV/KFC

Famous for roles in Austin Powers franchise, Contact and Wayne’s World, Lowe has also made a splash endorsing satellite television provider DirecTV in a dual role, as both himself and a less dreamy version of himself.

Earlier this year, KFC released a campaign featuring Lowe as astronaut Colonel Sanders giving a JFK speech spoof/homage about launching the Zinger chicken sandwich into space.