Movies are a vacation for the mind. They help us to escape to another world and use our imaginations to empathize with what characters in that world are experiencing. Watching a movie, at its best, is truly a heightened experience for the senses. Watching great movies in 3D is taking that experience to another level, engaging even more of the senses and helping us to feel as though we are literally a part of the world in the film. With American Paper Optics increasing the quality of 3D glasses and thus our incredible view through their lens, people are now able to watch movies in higher 3D quality than ever before. Here are 5 awesome movies to watch in 3D:

5 Great Movies To Watch In 3D

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D (2006)
  2. This is one of Tim Burton’s greatest works, and its popularity spikes anew every holiday season. With the help of Henry Selick, Burton takes the audience into a dark and twisted world that is almost like an inverted fairytale. The Pumpkin King Jack Skellington goes on a selfish journey to keep all of Christmas for himself and take it from everyone else. The movie, though dark as the night, is colored by a slew of infectiously catchy musical numbers that are ever better in 3D. The special effects in 3D are seamless. The musical number “What’s This?” is arguably the most spectacular feast for the senses in the film, with “This is Halloween” creeping in as a close second.

  3. Up (2009)
  4. This is Pixar at its best. Up is a visual masterpiece brought to life even more so when viewed in 3D. The moving story behind it makes it unique to most films in general. It tells the tale of a man in his old age who is grieving the death of his wife by trying to do some great things in life that he has never done before. The house he shared with his loving wife is lifted into the sky by countless red balloons, and thus his beautifully bizarre journey begins.

  5. Ghosts Of The Abyss (2003)
  6. James Cameron has changed movie history more than once. Ghosts of the Abyss is a breakthrough 3D documentary about the Titanic’s epic shipwreck beneath the sea. In this film, narrated by Bill Paxton, new 3D technology was showcased in jaw-dropping scenes like the first reveal of the massive ship, eerie and dark in the murky, grave-like waters.

  7. Hugo (2011)
  8. In Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, we are reminded why we go to the theatre in the first place. Hugo tells the story of an orphaned boy who lives a lonely life behind a clock in a train station. Despite the rough hand he’s been dealt, he has a vigor for life and a passion for invention that is inspiring. The 3D effects help bring additional and eye-popping levels of color and life to the already vibrant screen.

  9. Avatar (2009)
  10. It really doesn’t get any better than this. James Cameron undeniably revolutionized the world of 3D movies with this life-affirming story of humanity. This will top any 3D movie list for years to come. Avatar tells the tale of the planet Pandora, which has fallen victim to Earth’s attempts to heartlessly eat through and discard her resources, her people, and her culture. Avatar is about people standing up for what is right and reminding others of what is truly worth fighting for, what is worth living for. The movie is a rare masterpiece in that many moviegoers walked out of the theater blown away by the idea that simply watching a movie had changed their perspective on the meaning of life. The 3D effects are show-stopping and underline the masterful work it took to create this film. It changed the future of movies in 3D.