New Year’s Eve is always such a festive time. You look back on the ups and downs of the past year and begin to focus on what you can do to make the next year better than the last. Many people like to spend their final moments of the year around the company of good friends and family, frequently with New Year’s Eve parties. What better way to bring in the new year with those who mean the most to you and will help to make the new year as memorable as the previous one? And, of course, you’ll want to ring in the new year in style. With these 5 New Year’s Eve Fashion musts, you’ll be sure to start your new year off in a very stylish fashion!

1. A Sequin Party Dress

It’s no secret that women like to wear short party dresses to New Year’s Eve parties. Sequin dresses tend to work the best. New Year’s Eve is a time to party, sparkle, and shine! With a sparkly sequin party dress you’ll be sure to be the center of attention! These dresses work especially well if you’re lucky enough to have the ability to see the ball drop live in New York City. Your dress will match and reflect the New Year’s Eve ball well.

5 New Year's Eve Fashion Musts!

2. Sexy High Heels

Sexy high heels are a must for New Year’s Eve parties for women. They are the perfect shoe to compliment any party dress. I recommend a pair of high-heeled pumps. You can even get them with sequins or glitter, which is perfect for New Year’s Eve! For a cheaper alternative, buy a cheap white plain pair of high-heeled pumps and add your own glitter. This tutorial will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

3. A Dress Shawl

It’s Winter, and it can get really cold, especially if you are out in New York City. You will want to stay warm without covering up or taking away from your party dress. A light shawl is the perfect thing to cover you up but also compliment your dress. Try to find a shawl that matches your dress. If you can’t find an exact match then aim for a neutral color like black or white. If you’re planning to be outside for awhile, you might want to choose one made from heavier material such as fur.

4. Sparkly Jewelry

Your jewelry can make as much as a statement as your dress. Sparkly jewelry works well for New Year’s Eve. I’m personally a big fan of rhinestones. They match everything due to their neutral colors, but they always pack a punch. Just like the sequin dresses I mentioned earlier, rhinestone jewelry can reflect well off of the New Year’s Eve ball and make you the center of attention.

5. A Fresh Coat of Lipstick

Let’s face it, whether you’re in a relationship or single, there’s one thing that’s going to be on your mind throughout the night: a midnight kiss. Midnight kisses on New Year’s day are a tradition across America. If you’re single, this is actually even more exciting as you may have no idea who you’re going to end up kissing when the clock strikes 12. You might as well make your lips stand out a bit to gain a bit more attention from potential kissing partners.

What will you be wearing this New Year’s Eve? Do you have any fashion musts for New Year’s Eve? Feel free to leave a comment sharing your best New Year’s Eve fashion tips!