When you say that you are a ladies shoe size 2, it sounds like you are a perfectly petite young woman, with small perfectly formed feet that reflect class and sophistication. However, on the other hand you could say that your feet forgot that you grew into an adult. They are in denial and therefore have decided to stick with their favourite age, which is around 11 years old. Yes small feet can be both a blessing and a curse, but mostly a curse. Here are 5 problems that only women with small feet will ever understand.

5 Problems Only Women With Small Feet Understand

You are Severely Limited When Shopping

Forget the plus sized wars that are tearing through the malls right now. What about all the people with tiny feet that have to go to the junior section just to buy a pair of gym shoes. Yes, shopping with tiny feet is absolute purgatory. Most stores don’t even stock small sizes and if they do, it’s only the most hideous styles in the shop that are available. You have to stand there in your children’s shoes while your friend’s parade up and down the store in various fancy heels, just waiting until you can go home get online and look at shoes that might actually fit.

Your Feet Become a Talking Point

Even if you have just purchased the most perfect pair of shoes you have even seen in your life and can’t wait to show them off, you’re not going to. Why is that? Because, as soon as you draw attention to your shoes, attention will be drawn to your feet and you will be faced with a chorus of “You’re feet are so tiny, it’s so cute”. It’s not cute, you’re 25 years old.

Sharing Shoes is never an Option

One thing that all girls do often is share shoes and clothes with their besties. However, because of your ridiculously small and annoying feet you have always been left out of this female bonding session. As you sit on the side lines watching your friends try on each other’s heels, swapping tips and practicing their club walk, you look on enviously just wishing that those beautiful shoes would fit your tiny feet. As your friends notice your tight lipped grimace, they again begin the chorus of detailing how lucky you are to have small feet because they are just so cute. It’s a never ending cycle.

Stuffing Your Shoes is Common

Don’t worry about stuffing your bra, that’s not important here. You stuff your shoes. Because sometimes, there are some shoes that are too beautiful to pass up. You get the smallest size that is available but your heel is still slipping out every time you take a step. There’s only one thing for it. You’re going to have to stuff them. It’s uncomfortable, a little sweaty and highly embarrassing but what the heck, you are finally wearing the shoes of your dreams and you are just one step closer to looking like an adult.