Confused about online videos?

Wondering whether it’s worth it or not?

It would be beneficial for you to know that one of the major reasons why explainer videos is gaining immense popularity and seeing huge growth is that a part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings takes into consideration the duration of time that site visitors stay for on a specific site when surfing online. Being affordable and extremely effective, it helps grow a business by leaps and bounds.

Let us analyze 5 ways explainer videos are the right bet for your organization!

Increases rates of conversion – A recent study suggests that almost 85 percent people were more likely to purchase a product or render a service after watching the explainer video accompanying it. Explainer videos help keep a track of the number of visitor on the site who might become actual buyers or customers. It also informs the site owner which products or services interest the potential customers most which can be judged by checking the number of views on each video on the site.

5 Ways Explainer Videos Can Be Your Best Bet

 Improves rankings in Google Search – Nobody likes lenghty content. If your site is full of numerous pages of texts and images, it is going to rank low in Google search resulting in lesser views and even lesser exposure. Customers who want something quick and informative can get scared on seeing the long texts and turn to your competitors. An explainer video grasps the viewers attention instantly, passes on the message easily and helps him make a purchasing decision immediately.

Clarifies the product’s objective – Texts aren’t everything and are often interpreted incorrectly. Remember, the reader reads a piece of information the way he wants to. Your viewer no longer needs to do guess work related to the product or service’s usefulness – the explainer video clarifies the product or service’s objective thoroughly. You get connected to your viewers better and are able to explain what you can do for them.

Web traffic increases – Explainer videos, in the form of ‘viral’ videos, are gaining immense popularity lately. Such videos pop out of nowhere but become famous instantly and get a large number of viewers in a short span of time. It’s not just SME’s who like to use explainer videos. Apple iOS 5, Google Currents and Sham Wow have benefitted tremendously using this same method, witnessing a significant web traffic increase.

Increases interest of viewer – The more interested your viewer is in your product or service, the more sales you can expect! Social signals such as images and videos can generate increased interest which plain texts fail to do. Statistics state that more than 80 percent of online users prefer watching videos or looking at images than reading texts online.

Explainer videos help you to increase conversions and engage in better ways with your customers. Your customers know what you’ve to offer and you build in on brand credibility. So, how soon are you going to get your own explainer video made?