Lifestyle news flash, you don’t have to be a model to have perfect skin. Although you might struggle with occasional breakouts or uneven skin tone, you’re certainly not alone. Getting a gorgeous look and perfect skin is possible, and these 9 beauty hacks will help you find your perfection, no matter your skin type.

9 Beauty Hacks To Perfect Your Skin For A Gorgeous Look

1. Keep your Skin looking Young with Sunscreen

After years of advertisements and tons of articles in beauty magazines emphasizing the importance of sunscreen, there’s no excuse not to incorporate it into your beauty regimen. Although you might think you’re immune to the sun’s UV rays when you’re safely sheltered at the office during the day that kind of mentality will bring on the wrinkles and sun spots later down the road. Don’t try to challenge nature, instead, apply your sunscreen throughout the day, rain or shine, to protect your skin.

2. Cucumber Cliché

Everyone’s seen pictures of a woman at the spa with cucumbers resting over her eyes. While it might be a bit cliché, putting cucumbers over your eyes really help relieve the puffiness, but that’s not the only solution. According to Reader’s Digest, popping some used tea bags into the refrigerator for later is also a good way to reduce puffiness under the eyes. If tea isn’t up your ally, they also recommend leaving two metal spoons in the fridge, instead.

3. Fight Breakouts with Honey

The perfect solution to combat breakouts might just be in your own kitchen. Honey (real honey, not the highly processed golden bear your mom squeezes over her tea in the afternoon), according to an article by the Emory University School of Medicine, is naturally antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. That also makes it the perfect solution to breakouts. To use it, first cleanse and dry your face before dabbing the all-natural honey onto problem spots or use it as a mask for your whole face. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

4. Double Cleanse

Everyone knows the importance of facial cleanser but did you know double cleansing is the secret to perfect skin? Vogue is all about this new fad, which actually isn’t so new – it originated in eastern Asia hundreds of years ago! To double cleanse, start with an oil cleanser to remove your makeup then follow up with a water-based cleanser. In a way, it makes a lot of sense. If you’re wearing makeup all day, the first cleanse will only strip it away but doesn’t necessarily treat the skin beneath all those layers.

5. Experiment with Makeup

Lifestyle news and blog posts always seem to be promoting one brand or another, but let’s just face it, we’re all unique. When it comes to makeup, the one size fits all approach definitely doesn’t work. Dry skin, oily skin, different skin tones, powder or liquid, brush or sponge application … when it comes to makeup, the options are endless and although everyone will try to sell you on their personal favorites, in the end, you’ll have to do some experimenting to find the kind that gives you, personally, the most gorgeous look.

6. Hit up the Gym

Physical activity isn’t just the solution for obesity and health problems, it might also be the way to get perfect skin. According to the New York Times’ blog, Well, exercise has been shown to not just keep skin more youthful over time, it can also rejuvenate skin in people who just started adding exercise to their routine. That means if you’ve been a little lazy about your workout, there’s still time to hit up the gym and get to work on that healthy skin.

7. Make your Own Exfoliating Scrub

You could just buy one from the store, but it’ll probably come with a lot of other chemicals you don’t necessarily want to be putting on your face. All you really need is sugar, and maybe one or two other ingredients. Glue and Glitter blogger Becky Striepe recommends mixing 1 part olive oil to 3 parts coarse sugar (plus a few drops of your favorite smelling essential oil) and voila! You’re ready to exfoliate. Exfoliating is an important step to complete your beauty routine – it brushes away all the old, dead skin cells piling up to make room for new ones to grow.

8. Keep Skin Hydrated

Dry skin seems like a curse – in the winter the cold, dry air makes skin sensitive and brittle, but the summer sun and heat seems to dry it out, too. What’s a girl to do? In the winter, using a humidifier can put some moisture back into the air, and into your skin. During summer and winter you should be applying daily moisturizers to keep your skin supple and soft, and drinking plenty of water to make sure your whole body is hydrated.

9. Add a Serum

Most people know just how important toner is to balance pH levels, but few really understand the benefits of the serums that keep popping up in lifestyle news. According to Huffington Post, serums leave out heavy inactive ingredients moisturizers contain, so you only get the benefits, which include removing blemishes or wrinkles.

Now that you know these simple hacks to perfect your skin, you’ll be able to achieve that gorgeous look you’ve always wanted.