With the yearly football season drawing to a close this month until August, you might be thanking your lucky stars you’ve finally got a break from those ninety minute matches that send shivers down your spine. Think again however, for on 10th June UEFA European Championship begins and won’t end until 10th July; resulting in virtually a whole month of constant kick-offs, corners and fouls. Suddenly it won’t just your Sundays being taken up by football, but your whole week…

Now in a perfect world both you and your partner would be life-long football fans, meaning you could look forward to experiencing Euro 2016 as a couple in sweet, romantic bliss. Realistically though that is almost as unlikely as England winning it this year. However, just because the love of your life is off shouting at the television down the pub, it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun yourself. With this in mind, here are some great ideas, tips and tricks for how a woman can survive the fifteenth European Championship and even embrace some match spirit.


bingoPlay Football Bingo

If you enjoy playing bingo with your friends, then why not combine it with football! For more difficult games select a range of Euro footballers or for shorter games use the twenty-four teams. This adds a subtle twist to the game and means you can still have fun and win fantastic prizes!




football2Customise Your Own Football Shirt

If your partner has been trying to force you into wearing a football shirt to support their team but you can’t stand the unflattering fit and ghastly colours, perhaps you could agree and add your own twist? Purchase various dyes, sewing materials and fabrics to make it more stylish and ultimately, more you. This way you’re both happy.



drinkingPlay a Drinking Game

Stuck down the pub or at home watching a match? Well, you could make the best out of a bad situation by playing a drinking game. Maybe you could drink every time the whistle is blown or for every free kick? If you’re feeling a bit more creative, try assigning football terms/actions with a certain amount of drinks (e.g. goal kick = 1 drink, yellow card = 2 drinks).


nailpaintingHave a Nail Painting Session

Nail painting has gone beyond singular colours, so if you enjoy getting arty with your nails and you’re in need of a lift in football spirit, this could be the perfect idea for you. Either alone or with friends, try decorating your fingers and toes with various flags that represent the countries in the European Championship to create a supportive persona without needing to watch a game.


football-partyThrow a Football Themed Party

When a game is on, perhaps you could convince your partner to stay at home by turning a match into a party. Use decorations to create the theme and invite both his friends and yours to ensure everyone is happy. To make it even more football related, you could ask guests to dress up in the colours belonging to a team of their choice and even convince them to paint their faces!



playPlay Snog, Marry Avoid

If you’re alone watching football with your partner, you might feel like there’s no escape. Why not try playing snog, marry avoid with the players? Simply pick three footballers on the pitch and make your decision. This fun little game can be played around friends on even in your head to prevent your companion from finding out…


dislike-footballOrganise a Weekly Meetup for Women Who Dislike Football

It’s extremely likely that you’re not alone in how much you dislike football, for there are plenty of women out there in your situation; which gives you the perfect opportunity to organise a weekly meetup for the girls who hate goals. Try outreaching on social media and through word-of-mouth. Activities could include: going for coffee, going out for a meal, going to the cinema and even going to the beach. Hopefully this will give you something to look forward to.

football-boxHave a Football Box

In case you’re at the extent where you can’t bear your spouse to mention football one more time, introducing a football box could be your solution. Like a swear box, it’ll act as a deterrent to prevent them from mentioning anything football related to you ever again and teach them to save it for his mates, for they’ll have to pay for it – quite literally!


anti-footballWrite Your Own Anti-Football Chant

Chants have been at the heart of football for donkey’s years; increasing team spirit and providing entertainment for the crowd. However, for non-football fans these constant sing-songs can be a nightmare. There is a way you can find amusement in these songs though – by making your own. You could either sing it alone in your head or as a group to fight back. This will act as a brilliant method to block out their relentless noise.



new-showWatch a New Show

You could definitely use the football month to your advantage by binge watching a new show or perhaps one you’ve started but haven’t had chance to finish. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have just as much TV time as your lover’s having!



understandUnderstand People Do Have Different Interests

Ultimately it is important to remember not everyone enjoys the same hobbies. There are both women who enjoy football and men who dislike it and let’s be honest, if we all had the same interests, life would be pretty boring. By all means voice your opinions towards football, but don’t stop your partner from experiencing their idea of fun.


relationDon’t Let It Ruin Your Relationship

We’ve all sighed and shook our heads at the confrontation a harmless football game can cause, so is it really worth destroying your relationship over it? Allow yourself time to breathe before taking drastic action (e.g. hiding the TV remote, embarrassing them in front of their friends) as it’ll just cause an argument.


hobbyPursue or Find Your Own Hobbies

Maybe the reason you’re feeling frustrated over your partner’s dedication to football is because you’re lacking a hobby of your own. Whilst they’re occupied by matches, you could find time to hunt for something that grabs your attention just as much; this way you won’t feel so alienated.



If all else fails, just hibernate and set an alarm for 11th July 2016.