The movie clickz reviews of unbroken shows us the amazing story of Louis Zamperini. This movie is about hope, resilience, reclamation, and surviving incredible odds.

Louie begins the story learning to run and run fast. Quite by accident and under pressure he becomes a high school track star. The film shows the recreation of one of the records Louie breaks. He runs the mile in 4 minutes, 21.3 seconds, at the Southern California Track and Field Championship, crushing the old record by more than 2 seconds. The high school record had previously been set in World War I. Louie went on to break several more records including the 5000-meter dash during the 1936 Olympics. That day Adolf Hitler was in the audience and wanted to meet Louie. Hitler, using a translator, said, “Ah, you’re the boy with the fast finish”.

A World War II Biography Of Louis Zamperini

Louie became a U.S. Army second lieutenant. He and his crew were asked to look for a missing B-24 in the Pacific Ocean. The plane they flew was not quite safe to fly their commander insisted that was the only available plane. As we soon find out the plane crashes due to mechanical failure. Only 3 of the 11 men from the plane survived. They were able to find two life rafts unfortunate the rafts were not properly stocks and between the two the men were able to save some chocolate bars that were eaten by one very anxious survivor, some half-pints of water, one flare gun, sea dye, fishhooks and fish line.

Louie helped his companions remain positive while going days without food and water. By fate a seagull landed on the raft and the men were able to kill it. They used the bird flesh for bait. They tried to eat the bird but it was too awful to get down. They were successful at catching some fish and nothing had ever tasted so good.

The men had a couple of opportunities where planes flew close to them but they remained unseen. Unfortunately, one of the planes did see them but it was a Japanese plane that destroyed one of their rafts. Louie and his companions survived the attack. One of the men dies around the 30th day. HIs friends bury him at sea and Louie begins to pray. He promises God that he will be faithful and serve him forever if they can be saved. They were captured on the 47th day by Japanese soldiers.

After their capture the soldiers treated them well with health care and nutritious food. Eventually they were sent to Omori Camp in Japan. Louie is singled out by “The Bird” and withstands hard torture beyond imagination. At the end of the war the prisoners are told they can bathe in the river. Most men assumed that the “kill all” policy was to be carried out but when they were in the water an American plane saw them tipping its wings to acknowledge they had seen the POW’s. Many of the Japanese solders disappeared before the American groups arrived, including “The Bird” who went into hiding for many years and never paid for his war crimes.

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