Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with news that food is going up or the price of oil is rising due to some issue with some foreign country. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the noise out there is just a part of life. I’m at that point in life where saving a few dollars here and there makes my paycheck go just a little farther these days. I’ve downsized my housing, turned the thermostat down on the air conditioner and doing other cost savings things.

Are You Still Paying for Cable TV


Then I opened my cable bill and received a notice that my service was going up again due to inflationary costs. Really or something very similar sounding came out of my mouth after the realization that I am paying for services that I don’t use and for service that isn’t that great to begin with. After the shock wore off, I logged onto the computer and decided to do some comparison shopping for television service.

After a while, I came to realize that most cable providers have basically the same channels and are priced about the same as well. Then by accident I came across and article about the move people are making and their return to the television antenna.

The article mentioned that there are antennas on the market that allow you to receive television over the airwaves and, best of all, in high definition. Being the skeptic that I am, I read more and found out that companies like As Seen on TV have products like the Clear TV antenna. So I read more of the article.

According to reviewers, these types of antennas offer you high definition television for free so that you don’t have to keep your cable provider to get your television program. That sounded like a big win-win for me especially after realizing that I could save over a hundred dollars a month.

A few days later, I was walking around doing some shopping when I came across one of those high definition antennas I had read about just a few days later. So on a whim, I bought it and took it home. At first I was surprised that it was actually was small and portable. I’m not sure why I was surprised other than the only aerial antenna I remember was the big one attached to the outside of my father’s house.

Then I opened up the package and read the directions. The hook up was simple. Just plug the antenna cable to the antenna port on the back of the television, program the television set and presto, a variety of high definition channels came on. And the best part it only cost me the price of the antenna itself.

I sat down and began to flip through the channels that the antenna picked up over the airwaves and was surprised by the variety available. Most of my favorites were found. I thought, well I wouldn’t get my on demand service, but then again did I really use it enough to justify the cost of the cable box? No not really. Then I discovered that my picture seemed clearer, but then I wear glasses and sometimes my eyes play tricks on me. But after a few more minutes, I realized that I was getting better reception that I received from my HD converter box. Another bonus for me.

Well after seeing for myself what the antenna could do for me, I realized that the article I read was right. I get my programming over the airwaves in high definition, my favorite channels are available and best of all I can say good-bye to cable.

Now the question should be: You are still paying for Cable TV or have you found out the secret that your cable providers doesn’t want you to know?