Mobile phones have become a part of people’s life now. How much time do you spend every day online? Do you use your smartphone to browse internet? These questions are of not much relevance in the present scenario. The use of mobile phones has skyrocketed in a few years’ time. Technological developments have influenced the lifestyle of people too. Smartphone and tablets have become very common and most people use them to browse internet. This new trend itself explains the necessity of developing a mobile-friendly website. Most of the companies now offer mobile-friendly website development. You can also stand out in the competition by choosing a web development company in Kerala to build a mobile-friendly website for your business/service.

Interesting Mobile Internet Facts:

According to certain reliable sources, one-third of the mobile users use smartphones. A retailer survey conducted in the year of 2013 suggests that, 20% of traffic to their website is coming from mobile apps and mobile browsing. CNN reported that mobile web usage has doubled since 2009. Another study conducted by a reliable source point that, the rise of smart phones and tablets have doubled the time people spend online in the past 3 years. Research conducted by Pew Research Centre says that, around 25% of smartphone owners use their mobile phones for online browsing. All these studies suggest the same point that the coming of smart phones and tablets has increased the internet usage and time people consume online.

Benefits Of Having A Mobile-friendly Website

Do you choose a Mobile-friendly Website?

In the past years, having a mobile-friendly website is considered as a luxury. It was only done by big budget companies. Now, the concept of responsive website has changed the trend. People who are into small scale business also now prefer responsive website for their business. The concept of responsive web design supports smart phones and tablets. The website will resize as per the screen size of the device that you are using. Having a mobile-friendly website was once considered as a costly and unnecessary. However, now it has become a part of a standard web development project most companies offer.

Benefits of Responsive Design:

Having a website with responsive design can offer you lots of advantages like:

  • More traffic to the website
  • Higher search engine ranking
  • Enhances the overall bounce rates
  • Increase online sales
  • Less expensive, because you don’t need to build two websites for desktops and mobile phones
  • Best user-experience

Responsive Design and Google Trends:

Now, the recent Google updates are all supporting the responsive website design and development. Google has also made it clear that, the need for developing a quality mobile-friendly website is high. You can get high traffic and high ranking in the Google search results if you have a good quality responsive website. The trends in responsive website development also keep on changing with the updates. It is important to follow all the updates to be up-to-date about the current trends in web development if you wish to build your own website.