With the ability to stick like glue, catchphrases are those sayings that you simply can’t get out of your head.

In any case, no entertainment medium has produced more iconic catchphrases than television. Over the years, several TV shows have come and gone, but some of the most iconic catchphrases from those shows still live on. A few of the best catchphrases from retired and current TV shows are highlighted below.

Best Catchphrases in Television History

“Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”
It starts with the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three lovely girls. Just like their mother, all of the girls had golden hair, but the youngest one had curls. However, it wasn’t the youngest one, Cindy, who delivered one of the best catchphrases in television history. It was the middle girl, Jan, who delivered the neurotic but memorable line, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.” While obviously Jan’s feud was with Marsha, her discontent was more so directed to how everything seemed to be all about the eldest sister in the Brady Bunch.

“What Chu Talkin Bout Willis?”
In spite of his 4’8″ frame, Gary Coleman portrayed Arnold Jackson on the sitcom Different Strokes to gargantuan proportions. As a common response to his older brother Willis, Coleman effectively made the catchphrase, “What chu talkin bout Willis?” the way to tell someone they were speaking foolishness.

“I Pity the Fool”
As the most memorable member of the A-Team, Mr. T and his gold chains, signature Mohawk, and bulked-up body took on an identity of its own. However, nothing had more identity than Mr. T.’s catchphrase or threat, “I pity the fool…” While television no longer features the A-Team and a regular Mr. T., his iconic catchphrase lives on forever.

As one the longest running scripted show in television history, The Simpsons is a popular animated cartoon show on the Fox Network. While Bart Simpson’s common retort of “eat my shorts” is popular, it’s Homer Simpson’s “D’Oh” will go down as one of the best catchphrases in television history.

“They Killed Kenny!”
The wacky crew of Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Mr. Mackey, The Chef, and several others make up the cast of the controversial cartoon South Park. Each episode usually features some type of satirical play on current events. While viewers could never truly guess where the show was going, the ending of every episode always features a familiar death. Whether it’s a falling bus or a nuclear bomb, Kenny must die and one of the cast always asserts “They killed Kenny.”

“Did I Do That?”

While the show was named “Family Matters,” it could have more effectively been named the Steve Urkel show. As the typical nerd, Urkel dawned suspenders, high-water pants, a pocket protector, and glasses as thick as coke bottles. While all of those unforgettable facets helped mold the character in American television history, his high pitched voice shrieking “Did I do that?” is known as one of the iconic television catchphrases in history.

“Lucy You’ve Got Some Splainin to Do!”
Lucille Ball is one of the most iconic television personalities of all time. With her own show entitled “I Love Lucy,” Lucille’s title character was married to the smooth musician Ricky Ricardo (and in real life). The show revolved around Lucy’s ability to haplessly end up in the most awkward positions with her best friend Ethel. As a result, Ricky Ricardo would often walk in on the aftermath of Lucy’s antics and deliver one of TV’s best catchphrases saying, “Lucy you’ve got some splainin to do!”

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