Start the New Year right by sending wishes to your loved ones with the green plants. It will provide them with the fresh air to breathe and add positivity to their house. The indoor plants can be kept at the home, office, and shops to enhance the interior decoration and add a bit of warmth to the environment. There are also a variety of indoor plants that are known to bring good luck and prosperity to life.

Best Indoor Plants To Gift On New Year

From lucky bamboo plant to money plant, there are several options that you can choose for your loved ones to welcome the new year in style.

Anthurium Plant: The Anthurium plant grows well in cooler areas and bright, indirect sunlight. It is easy to take care of this plant; you just need to provide a few key elements for its proper growth. You can keep this plant in your living room or balcony to add a tinge of greenery to your home. You can buy this plant online in India to send to your friends and family members as a New Year gift.

Spider Plant: The Spider plant is the most adaptable indoor plant, which is quite easy to grow. The small size of this plant makes it perfect to grow at home and offices, and they flourish best in well-drained soil and indirect sunlight. Buy plant online to send along with the New Year wishes to your loved ones.

Peperomia Plant: The gorgeous Peperomia plant is an excellent choice to fill the New Year celebration of your loved ones with greenery and fresh air. They grow best in bright indirect sunlight and well-drained soil. The smooth, shiny leaves of this plant will add the perfect touch of greenery to the interiors of your home and office.

Jade Plant: Jade plant is succulent house plant that is easy to grow at home and offices and considered as the symbol of good luck. This plant needs full sun to grow properly and make sure it never dries out completely. Fill the life of your loved ones with good luck and prosperity by sending them this plant as a New Year gift.

You can choose from the indoor plants mentioned above to wish a happy and prosperous year to your dear ones. Order these plants online from the comfort of your home to deliver to your friends and family members.