Manga generally refers to the Japanese cartoon films and the comic books that include fantasy or science fiction themes. These are some of the unique Japanese comics that has aroused great interest since years and its unique series has attracted a wide range of people while maintaining its curiosity level. There is a wide range of Manga comic series available among which some of them are must read.

Best Of Manga Series That Are Must-Read Once In A Lifetime!

So, let us have a look at some of the best of Manga series that are must-read once in a lifetime:

  • Death Note : This series of Manga comics includes a great story of cat and mouse with a dark and intense tone. With just a stroke of a pen, you can kill anyone as well as decide how you want them to die. The character interactions are usually strong as well as there is a strong message with everything they say. In this series, you can even try to extinguish all the evil in the world if you are actually smarter than Light Yagami. Basically, it’s a smart Manga that is a detective story where you try to uproot the bad guy.
  • Slam Dunk : This is a basketball Manga by the Takehiko Inoue who is a high school student where Hanamichi Sakuragi is advised to join the school basketball team by Haruko Akagi. In this comic series, a coming-of-age story is depicted that deals with the relationships between the teammates as well as rivals. This Manga series has actually created a big impact on different basketball programs in the middle school as well as a high school all across Japan.
  • Naruto : The Naruto Manga or the Naruto comic series is a martial arts Manga that deals with several aspiring ninjas. It was first released in 1999 and was an instant hit among the people. Being written and illustrated by the Masashi Kishimoto includes a story that revolves around the oriental subjects. Additionally, it has been a huge success in more than 30 countries around the world as well as its anime adaptation are found in over ore than 80 countries.
  • Bleach : The story of Bleach comics is written by Tite Kubo that takes place in the supernatural world. This supernatural world can be referred in the style of a Japanese Exorcist. The Bleach comic is an ongoing popular series that follows Ichigo Kurosaki and continues from where he gains powers of a shinigami and fights with evil. This story generally deals with the Asian mythology and has gained a large number of audiences in Japan and the other countries as well.
  • Dragon Ball : Dragon Ball is considered as the first taste of Manga, especially for the western Manga readers. The Dragon Ball was first introduced to us as a comic series and it initiated the craze of Manga series. The Dragon Ball generally had almost everything that can attract a large number of audiences, including- a powerful youth with a mysterious past as well as an unquenchable appetite, a pervert teacher as well as a quest for the for the power that is termed as the Dragon Balls. Besides that, the Dragon Ball had a number of iconic characters that when amalgamated with the Goku’s fighting skills and its pure heart made him one of the most recognized as well as lovable and evergreen Manga characters.
  • Hunter x Hunter : Another comic series Hunter x Hunter includes the main character Gon who wants to meet his never seen father and ultimately becomes Hunter which is quite a fictitious job that is set on the world of the history. In this series, there is a wide range of enemies as well as allies that are having something special and detailed world that have enhanced the popularity of this comic series.
  • One Piece : This is one of the most lovable action-adventure series that follows the pirate Luffy and is created by the Eiichiro Oda. This is something that depicts the story after the escape to the post-Dragon Ball depression. Other than that, there are different types of complex issues like the religion disputes, territorial disputes as well as wars while being refrained from the murder or graphic death or the explicit sex. Even the main hero doesn’t talk of killing.

Thus, the above-mentioned Manga series are the must-read series for almost everyone once in a lifetime.