Bangalore is capital city of Karnataka; there are a number of places which are considered most popular tourist spots in Bangalore, so in this writing we are trying to point out the best places in Bangalore for the sake of the travelers.

Bangalore palace which had been built in the year 1887, its architectural design had been motivated by Windsor Castle, which is situated in England. During the time of Chamaraja Wodeyar, this palace had been developed. Its elegancy and exceptional interior design, green lawns make this site one of the most incredible site in Bangalore. Real estate agents in Bangalore are very helpful and cooperative, so potential buyers do not have to face any problems or troubles.

Best Places To Spend In Bangalore India

Fort and palace of Tipu Sultan are another attractive destinations in Bangalore, though at the initial stage, the palace and fort had been built in mud, but during the reign of Hyder Ali, it had been renovated and modernized and in the year 1791while Tipu was in throne, palace and fort had been completed, so it is called Tipu’s palace and fort. Architectural beauty of these sites mesmerized the visitors. Property dealers in Bangalore are offering different types of guest house for the travelers, so that they can enjoy Bangalore city without any troubles.

A lot of people are coming here only to take a glimpse of Vidana Soudha, it is one of the landmark architectures in Bangalore city. This mansion is true example of neo-Dravidian architecture. Karnataka government has used this house as legislative chamber.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden which has been situated in almost 240 acres, where tropical and sub tropical tress, rare species of trees and plants are found.  In 17th century this garden had been created. While visitors enter into the garden, they would see a magnificent glass house, which had been inspired by London’s Crystal Palace.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and waters amusement park are also desired places for the visitors. Planetarium was developed in the year 1989 and daily two shows have been shown. Water amusement park is the place for pure entertainment.

Features of the House:

In Bangalore, people would get various types of house, and real estate agents in Bangalore are providing a lot of options, so that potential buyers can get house as per their choice. Currently the design of the house is gradually changing, its architectural design and look is completely different from regular design. Main aim of the Property dealers in Bangalore is to satisfy the buyers. Buyers would avail 2BHK, 3BHK rooms with balcony, dining and drawing. You would obtain different types of option which are affordable and inexpensive. But expensive and luxury housing places also offered by the real estate agents in Bangalore.

Builder Profile:

In Bangalore, you would see a number of builders who are working more than a decade. J construction, SAJC Associates, Sharath Builders, Grand Vault Group, Galaxy Projects India Pvt Ltd are well known builders in Bangalore. They are not only developing residential places even commercial places are also designed and developed by them.


Therefore if anyone is planning to visit Bangalore city, they must visit all these places which are mentioned earlier, Property dealers in Bangalore are very efficient and capable, they would provide you a suitable and convenient shelter.