Beyoncé has the number one record in the country right now. I know, big shock right? The singer released her album out of nowhere on Thursday morning (at midnight) and managed to climb to the number one spot in just three days – Now that’s impressive. You know what I’ve managed to do in the last three days? Get all of my Christmas decorations up. Tree and everything!

So yeah, she releases this album Thursday morning at midnight, and by 8am, everyone’s talking about it. Seriously, that morning I couldn’t listen to any radio station, newscast, or morning show that morning without hearing about this crazy album that Beyoncé just dropped out of nowhere. The album promotes itself and the singer doesn’t have to do anything, leaving her time to focus on her gorgeous little girl. She also saves a crazy amount of money in advertising and marketing, not that that matters to her and her man.

Anyway, she also managed to rack up a bunch of other “firsts” this week:

  • She had the best first week numbers of any female artist in 2013.
  • This album was the fourth biggest debut album of the year – Getting beat out only by Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP2, and Drake’s Nothing was the Same. And again, she did this in three days with no promotion.
  • This was Beyoncé’s 5th consecutive #1 debut album since becoming a solo artist. That makes her the first female artist ever to have her first five albums sit on top of the Billboard charts.
  • In addition to that last one, she’s also only the third artist ever to accomplish that, in addition to DMX (remember him?) and The Kingston Trio.
  • There’s a pretty good shot she’ll still be sitting in the number one spot next week as well, since by then the album will have had a full week to circulate the globe.

Good for her. She definitely knows what she’s doing, and she should. But it’s good to see a decent good hearted celeb achieving things, even if those things are as petty as these little Billboard victories. Hey – A victory’s a victory, no? She does good things, she deserves a good life.

Are you proud of Beyoncé for hitting the number one spot on the Billboard charts in just three days or do you think the star should have marketed and advertised her album like everyone else does? Let us know what you think in the comments!