Britney Spears recently attended an intimate listening party of her highly anticipated latest album, the Britney Jean. The West Hollywood venue sported a minimalist appearance with black lights and white walls. About 100 journalists and media persons attended the event. The executive producer and moderator Andy Cohen accompanies Britney, who was wearing black and white to correlate the mood at the venue. The audience got to listen classic Spears hits like ‘Womanizer’ and ‘Baby…one more time’ at the commencement of the show, setting up the vibes for the new sounds from the pop star.

Spears has been proclaiming repeatedly that Britney Jean is one of the closest personal albums to her. While, the name of the album made this obvious, Britney elaborated that many songs in the new record derived from her emotional experiences of breaking up with ex-fiance Jason Trawick. However, the real inspiration of her fabulous music soon came out when Cohen enquired about her choice snacks at the recording studio. Britney confirmed that without the Sushi and the Skittles at the recording studio, she might not have been able to create her music. also was in all praise for the talented artist who always valued more on creating good music rather than hanging around at the recording studio, doing nothing of value. “She is the total opposite,” the executive producer confirmed.

The media persons at the room were the first to listen to four unheard tracks from her latest album. The venue also played the latest single, Perfume’, which spears described as something that makes her very vulnerable. The song, drenched in deep emotions, is devoid of any synthesizer sound and features the singer’s voice at the centre and the front. Fans eager to listen to club mixes from the Pop princess, got to listen to ‘It should be Easy’ and ‘Tick Tack Boom’. Interestingly, the former track also features vocals from executive producer Both these tracks focus hard on exploring the uptempo in Britney’s vocals and end in a supersonic climax. The producers and the singer expect that the fans would like to gyrate to Britney’s new releases like it was in 2003.

The album does not consist of all party songs though. There is “Alien’ that is a sequel to the sensational ‘Piece of Me’ in 2007. The tracks chronicle the life in spotlight of the pop diva. Spears described that in life everyone has to feel alienated at some point or the other. There is also a breakup anthem, titled ‘Don’t Cry’. Here, she sings of saying goodbye to a lost love. The lyrics express that she would survive following the heartbreak but she does not want anyone to see her crying.

Overall, like a true artist, Spears expects to encourage and inspire her fans to look at life with a new perspective through her songs. She said that her songs would inspire people to work out and spend a good day. urged fans to listen to the beautiful album, which consisted of wonderful melodies and truly heartfelt lyrics.