Buying a watch is not as easy as it may look. The market is flooded with counterfeit timepieces that look good and are sold on the cheap. However, for a true watch aficionado, perfection is everything. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a counterfeit watch and wish to make the best possible purchase, there are many important things that you need to know. If you are interested in buying a new watch, here are just some important things to consider:


Luxury timepieces generally cost more than £1,000. Watchmakers such as Mont Blanc, AudemarsPiguet, Rolex and Breitling are famous for their watch collections. However, the average Rolex watch starts from around £1,000 and can go as high as £30,000 or more. This mainly depends upon the uniqueness and the style of the watch. Luxury watches are completely different from ordinary watches. The precision and attention to detail are significantly higher, and only a handful of watches are made throughout the course of the year.

Moreover, companies such as Rolex have tried to minimise the use of machines during the manufacturing process. A whole lot of the work is done by hand in order to make sure that each watch is as good as can be. There’s a marked difference in the weight, size and outlook of ordinary watches when compared with luxury watches.

However, while an untrained eye may not be able to notice much of a difference by just looking at the watch, it doesn’t take a lot of effort for a watchmaker to observe the movement and determine the quality of the watch. The real difference lies in the machinery and the precision of the watch. Each component of a luxury watch is neatly fitted within the case and is machined by hand for absolute perfection.

Buying A Watch: Everything You Need To Know


There’s no doubt that Swiss watches are the best in the business. Any watch expert or aficionado will tell you that the Swiss-pioneered time, and if you want to buy a luxury watch, you should opt for a Swiss-made timepiece. However, there are many different watch brands in Switzerland. Some of the most popular brands include Rolex, AudemarsPiguet, IWC, Breitling, Chopard, Hublot and many others.

If you are interested in becoming a watch collector, you need to decide what brand you want to start with first. Most watch collectors aren’t interested in reselling their watches, so you are just buying the watch for yourself. There are hundreds of different watch models and manufacturers for you to choose from. Some watches might be much easier to find as compared to others.

If you are only starting your collection, you need to start with more affordable options. Look for watches within the £1,000- and £2,000-range for your first purchase. Obviously, you won’t be able to find every watch model or manufacturer from one source; most watch shops in the UK generally only keep popular models that sell quickly, such as IWC and Rolex. Other, rarer models, such as the AudemarsPiguet, are not as easy to find.

Where to Buy?

The counterfeit market for luxury watches has grown immensely over the past few years. Fake watches made in China are now available online and through many local shops throughout the country. Most of the counterfeit watches are made with a lot of precision and care in order to make it difficult for a person to discern between the fake and the original.

Therefore, you should not fall for internet scams that claim to offer original watches at unbelievably low prices. Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Where you buy the watch plays an important role in your quest to become a watch collector. Most original watches come with a proper certificate of authenticity, as well as a serial number that you can check on the company’s website.

This is a security measure that helps watch owners determine whether they own a fake or an original timepiece. Companies such as Gracewells in the UK have made it easy for people to buy luxury watches from the comfort of their home. The company houses a vast collection of luxury timepieces for customers to choose from. You can browse through the collection and make a purchase directly online. Your luxury timepiece will be delivered straight to your doorstep after authentication.

These watches are carefully packaged in boxes and shipped with the utmost care and precision. Because you are paying such a high amount for the watch, it is important for the company to make sure that the timepiece is delivered to you in its original condition. Moreover, companies that offer luxury watches also have their own customer support departments. You can ask the customer support department about any specific models or request information about different watch makers.

Most people don’t really know how to truly appreciate a luxury watch. In many cases, it takes a considerable amount of experience and education to learn what a luxury watch really is. These watches are able to withstand the test of time with relative ease. Whereas most people discard their watches as they get old, luxury watches are passed down as heirlooms.

Even today, older watches manufactured by companies such as Rolex are auctioned off for millions of dollars. The style of such watches is also considerably different, and can be worn for many generations. For instance, Breitling watches are popular with aviators for their highly precise chronometers.

The company has a long-standing history of providing top-of-the-line watches. In fact, a Breitling was worn by the astronaut who took the third manned space flight back in 1962. These watches have an inherent value in their movement that only increases with the passage of time. You can choose from quartz and automatic movement options. If you are interested in buying a luxury timepiece, you can also browse through pre-owned timepieces in order to save money.