We are living in an ultra modern world which is ruled by science and technology, and these advancements are creating huge impacts in all areas of our lives. The entertainment sector is also benefitted by technology, and unlike earlier days, most of the marketing campaigns of movies are being done through social media sites and internet. Films which have been publicized through internet are getting huge initial pull, and this is literally saving the pocket of the producer in a highly beneficial manner. But there are stories where internet has shattered all the dreams of producers and directors associated with certain movies. Nowadays, most of the people used to read reviews of movies before going to the theater, and these reviews may sometimes spoil all the expectations of the film crew. This article will discuss the vitality of reviews in deciding the fate of movies in the Box Office.

Can a review spoil the movie? Most of the people who live in the modern world are highly dependent on internet. These people used to search for reviews before going to the theaters, and even a small negative comment about the movie in the internet will destroy the plans of visiting the theaters. Some of the crooked heads among these people may even share the negative reviews about the movie, and this will in turn impact other people’s decision to watch the films.

Can A Movie Review Decide The Box Office Fate Of A Movie?

Lets consider the case of Tamil Nadu. Most of the Tamil Youth are highly educated, and they are using internet as their day to day tool for accessing information. Most of these guys are having smart phones, and they used to type ‘Tamil Movie Reviews’ in the Google before visiting theaters. If a movie is receiving highly positive reviews, and if it is reflected in the internet, they will surely go for it. But if the case is vice versa, they will think thrice before booking the tickets.

Movie reviews which are being published in the internet are undoubtedly the detailed post mortem of movies. The film will be analyzed deeply by the reviewer, and he will pick up the pros and cons in the movie for his readers. The quality of all the departments in the movie will be analyzed from the reviewer’s point of view; let it be the direction, acting or the music.

Umpteen numbers of movie related websites have employed movie reviewers, and these people used to see all the movies in the release date to write reviews and opinions. Regular publication of unbiased reviews will enhance the status of the website, and more and more people will visit these sites in a regular manner.

Altogether, we can conclude that movie reviews can change the fate of any movie. A single bad review about a movie shared all over the internet will create negative impacts in your movie’s box office fate, and in most probabilities, it will make your film a dud in terms of collection.