Have you ever heard of the movie Casino? It debuted in 1995 and is based on true events surrounding real-life characters. This movie celebrates Las Vegas before it was gentrified and scrubbed clean.

In this movie, Martin Scorsese provides audiences with another intense, and almost perfect, journey into the interesting and violent aspects of the underbelly of the crime world in Vegas.

"Casino 1995" Movie Review

The movie stars expert handicapper Sam “Ace” Rothstein (aka Robert De Niro) who just happens to have a talent for gambling. The movie is set in the early 70s and due to his tremendous talent, his mid-west Mafia associates give him his own Las Vegas casino (Tangiers) to manage.

Ace runs a tight ship, removing cheats, weeding out lower class criminals, and maximizing profits. This leads to him becoming a well-respected man in the town. Well, as far as someone could be respected in Vegas back in those days.

"Casino 1995" Movie Review

Joe Pesci plays Nicky Santoro, Ace’s super-violent sidekick from the past. So, when Nicky shows up in Vegas, it’s safe to say that Ace isn’t thrilled. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with any criminal enterprises if you take your casino gameplay online to http://europalace-casino.com/. This site provides games with over 500 games to choose from and the highest levels of security and safety. Plus, if you are new to the site, you can gain access to $500 for you to maximize your gameplay.

Ace meets and marries Ginger McKenna, a beautiful but money hungry hustler with an unhealthy attachment to Lester Diamond (played by James Woods) a small time hustler.

After a time, Ace’s word begins to unravel, he insults the wrong power brokers and falls short of Vegas’ licensing requirements. But, that’s not all – Nicky’s violent ways reflect badly on Ace’s casino and Ginger plans to rob him blind and run away with their daughter.

Pretty soon, the disintegrating relations between Ginger and Ace starts to suck the life out of the movie. This is the part where the casino and crime elements of the movie take a back seat to the drama of Ginger and her disloyal ways. Still, like a lovesick puppy, Ace refuses to remove her from his life; a blind spot on an otherwise sharp man.

At almost three hours, Casino does run a little long. But, it’s also important to note that the good moments leave viewers with a lasting impression that is largely positive. It’s safe to safe that although this movie isn’t a royal flush, it does deliver a full house.