With the Hunger Games: Catching Fire all set to release at theaters nationwide this Friday, recently opened up on his role at a 4-minute promotional interview with an online magazine. The veteran star, playing the villain President Snow in the Hunger Games, also found a few moments to complain on the shortness of a four minute interview. He expressed how difficult is it to have a meaningful conversation. However, the four minutes contained James Sutherland well as he candidly opened up in speaking on his villainous role. The Hollywood veteran earned acclaim in his roles at the classical remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. His portfolio also includes other blockbusters like ‘Animal House’, ‘Don’t Look Now’, and ‘Ordinary People’.

The star cut a very acclaimed (villainous) impression with the production house of Hunger Games. Film director Francis Lawrence went ahead to compare and describe his main villain with Voldemort from Harry Potter world. However, President Snow in Hunger Games would not be missing his nose though, which Voldemort did not have the chance to have. Neither would he have any dark magical powers like the defeated Voldemort. However, Snow does command a super-villainous and ruthless army in the Hunger Games.

The storyline revolves around how Snow tries hard to maintain his repressive totalitarian regime in the lawless land of Panem. However, quite interestingly, Sutherland retorted with a “who is he?” when asked about his comparisons with Voldemort. Just as Harry Potter was the nemesis of the evil magic, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) fights the evil Snow in Hunger Games. The audience has to watch the movie to know the full story though.

However, folks from the Harry Potter franchise also praised the choice of Sutherland in the role of Snow. Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) commented that Snow possessed the requisite menace and the gravitas of a ruthless villain. However, Lucius Malfoy also stated that no one would be ever able to match the pure notoriety of Voldemort ever. He was candid in explaining how villainy has layers of glass ceilings. He went ahead to state that when the Hunger Games would look up the glass ceiling, they can see the shoes of Harry Potter.

Director Francis Lawrence verified that the roundabouts of the story revolve around the decisions made by Snow and the resistance from the heroine. Coming out with a catchy tagline reminding the audience to identify the core enemy, the Hunger Games expects to present intense action to the audience. The storyline develops as the tyrant of Panem plans an annual televised death battle between his subjects. Sutherland pointed out to the intense preparation that went into developing the character. He described President Snow as someone who can make a good guy out of Dick Chenney.

Sutherland also revealed how he researched on famed tyrants like Stalin, Mao Zedong, Hitler, and President Lyndon Johnson. On Johnson’s inclusion in his list, he pointed out that the president was responsible for the pointless slaughter of so many Vietnamese people.  He also researched current Syria President Bashar Assad in developing his role. The veteran actor aligned with the character with a personal signature style also. Throughout the movie, President Snow wears a Victorian Silver Tube with a white rose, to forget the pungent smell of blood and poison that constantly haunts him.