Needless to say, a song without a perfect bass track does not sound great, no matter how brilliantly it is composed. Perhaps, you feel alike and that is why you are here reading these words. If you are looking forward to hire online studio musicians or in particularly an online session bass player to get your music polished, you have taken the right decision indeed! Just like online shopping and banking, hiring online musicians has also become one of the common practices these days. It helps you save a lot of time, effort and also money.

Check Out What Services You Can Avail By Hiring Online Session Musicians

So what services can you avail?

With professional and competent Online Session Musicians, you can avail a number of services. Right from recording bass tracks to producing your song using percussion, guitars, keyboards, drums and sometimes vocals as well, you can get everything you need to improve your song. Most importantly, the entire recording involves highly skilled and experienced musicians. Here is a list of services, you get to avail:

Customised tracks – Good studio musicians develop the perfect tracks for you, as per your preferences. They make use of the best musical instruments ever made and state-of-the-art studio equipment, like preamps and amps, filters and processors to polish your music. The same studio equipment is also used by some of the best recording studios in the world. Furthermore, they deliver the recorded part in the format you prefer; although the regular standard nowadays is WAV 24bit 44 kHz. As far as turnaround time is concerned, it might take around 48 hours. In case you have limited time in your hands, do tell them beforehand.

Complete production package – What can be better than a team of skilled and professionally experienced musicians working on your music and recording it in the studio together? Yes, now it’s possible just in a few clicks. You might be thinking that a complete music production package might cost you a fortune… but no – the days when such services used to be super expensive are now gone. With the advancement of technology, things have become quite affordable now. Most importantly, no compromises are made on quality. When it comes to full production, it might take around 7 days or so.

Get your music reviewed – If you are looking for an expert to review your music and tell you about the ins and outs, you can definitely find one online. Such musicians not only provide you tips to improve your music, but also advise on the performance, length, form, music arrangement, production and lyrics, when necessary. It might take about 48 hours for them to get the work done and deliver their notes properly.

Get the personal contact list of a connected music professional – When you hire a truly professional musician, you somewhat get an “One-Stop” solution for all your music related needs, even the contacts of other key music professionals, a&r’s, publishers, label managers, etc. You are also likely to get the contact details of music bloggers, music editors and many others related to the music industry, all delivered in PDF or excel format.

These are some of the services you avail by hiring professional bassist and producer Itai Simon, one of the best Online Session Musicians out there. Also, check out the very affordable prices for these music services, and listen to his recent projects.