Marilyn Monroe is probably one of the most iconic actresses that the film industry has seen, although her life was cut tragically short she achieved so much in her career. She made over thirty films during her career and here are some of her most memorable and perhaps most popular films.

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Gentleman Prefer Blondes was released in 1953 and Marilyn plays the part of Lorelei Lee who is a showgirl who travels to Paris with her friend Dorothy Shaw played by Jane Russell. One of the most iconic scenes in this film is when Marilyn performs the ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ song dressed in a beautiful pink figure-hugging dressed and is adorned with diamond jewelry from necklaces to bracelets. If you are looking for similar diamond jewelry and perhaps looking to Buy Diamond Rings Online, it is worth taking a look at The film has really stood the test of time with many people still enjoying it today.

The Misfits is one of Marilyn’s last performances in 1961 where she appeared alongside Clark Gable. Marilyn plays the role of a divorcee (Roslyn Taber) who falls in love with a cowboy (Gay Langland). Similar to most of her roles Marilyn’s character is a woman who is desired by many men and this film is no different with the character Guido, a widowed mechanic and friend of Gay also showing an interest in Roslyn. A third man, Percenters the scenario and the three men must work out whether their friendship and business relationship can withstand Roslyn being a part of their lives.

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Some Like It Hot is another popular film of Marilyn’s and was released in 1959. Another comedy romance that Marilyn was so adept at playing characters in. She plays the part of Sugar Kane Kowalczyk who is, surprise surprise a performer in an all-girl band. The story follows the lives of the band and its newest additions Daphne and Josephine who are in fact two men disguised as women. The men are fleeing from Chicago after they witnessed a mob hit being carried out. They disguise themselves as women and take their positions in the band. Sugar is pursued by one of the men whilst the other finds himself the object of affection for a wealthy millionaire.

There are many other incredible Monroe films including Bus Stop, The Girl Can’t Help It and Let’s Make Love.