“They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!”

That’s what Paris Hilton had to say about the attack on her little brother that happened on Friday night. The hotel heiress took to Twitter – posting this as a comment to the picture her little brother put on Instagram of his smashed up face – to let the world know exactly how she felt. Proving that no matter how much money your name is worth, family should always come first.

Here’s the back story:

Lindsay Lohan has been staying in Miami for the last little while; she’s been in town for an art festival. The mansion she’s been staying in since she’s been there held a party on Friday night that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning (as celebrity parties tend to do – fair enough). The party was a hoppin’ event with many people in attendance, one of those people being Paris’ little brother, Barron Hilton.

Well, sometime over the course of the party, sources say that LiLo caught wind that Barron was talking some smack about her (like he’s the only one). The Herbie star then proceeded to tell her boyfriend who decided that the best way to deal with the situation would be to beat the 24 year old to a pulp.

Hilton told the police that Lohan went up to him at the party and started screaming at him, “You talk s*** about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get!”

“I wasn’t even there!”

Lohan’s father Michael, who seems to be forever coming to his daughters’ rescue. says that his little girl had nothing to do with the assault and she left the party before the fight even happened, even going as far as to say that she has several alibi’s that will back his statement up – security guards included.

However, a NSFW video has surfaced that seems to prove otherwise. In the video, Lindsay is seen sitting in the front seat of a vehicle saying “awwe, I’m harassing you.” This video was apparently shot just moments after the fight went down.

What do you think happened? Even though she wasn’t the one that delivered the beat down, do you think she should take some responsibility for the other guys’ actions? Keep in mind, she’s still on probation and will probably go back to prison for awhile if this does get pegged on her. Let us know what you think in the comments!