Creating clothing at home has never been more popular, thanks in no small part to the way in which there is so much equipment up for grabs these days for DIY fashionistas.From the simplest of printed t-shirts to more elaborate embroidered hoodies and everything else imaginable besides, people all over the country really are going for it when it comes to creating 100% unique garments all of their own.

Nevertheless, there will always be those for whom the process and indeed the results tend to come out much more smoothly than others. Some naturally take to the DIY garment printing process better than others, while others find they’re far better working with the experts when it comes to the technical side of things. But in all cases, there are various ways and means by which costs can be brought down to absolute minimums. After all, one of the key advantages of creating your own garments at home is the way in which it can save you a small fortune on the usual costs of clothes shopping.

Embroidered Hoodies – Saving Money On DIY Designs

So for those setting out to create their own hoodies at home, what kinds of tips do the experts offer when it comes to making real savings?

1 – Ditch the Designer

Well, first of all there is absolutely no sense whatsoever in shelling out big-bucks for designer hoodies that you are then going to customise yourself. The simple fact of the matter is that beneath the labels and the flashy tags, designer hoodies are the same basic (though high-quality) hoodies you can pick up for next to nothing. It’s the design you pay for and in your case the design that matters to you, so don’t go wasting your money on needlessly overpriced hoodies. Make sure they’re of the highest possible quality, but in terms of labels, feel free to well and truly ditch the designer…it’s just not worth it.

2 – Try, Try and Try Again

When getting started with these kinds of activities for the first time, trial and error is pretty much inevitable and essential to say the least. As such, it’s really not in your best interests to try your luck with the hoodie you’re looking to get your design onto first time around – it makes far more sense to have one or more trial runs using garments you’re happy to throw away. More often than not, you’ll only get one shot at getting your design on the hoodie of your choosing and there’s no going back to correct mistakes here and there. Roughly translated, don’t even think about going ahead until you’re 100% confident and have tried things out at least once or twice.

3 – Strive for Simplicity

It’s the number one rule most designers live by and perhaps the most important tip of all for those looking to get into these kinds of pursuits at home for the first time – strive for simplicity. It’s a common misconception to assume that in order for a DIY design to be impressive, it needs to be complicated and elaborate.  This is why most amateur home designers tend to get completely carried away with hugely intricate patterns featuring hundreds of different colours and pushing their printers to breaking point. The simple fact of the matter is that the more complicated the design, the more difficult it will be to get it on to the hoodie – unless you happen to be armed with the world’s most advanced and expensive garment printing technology.

4 – Follow Every Instruction

If the transfer-paper instructions say to leave the hoodie for two hours prior to wearing it, leave it for three. If the instructions tell you to iron the transfer at a certain temperature, don’t even think about ironing it any cooler or hotter. And if the instructions tell you to wash the hoodie at 30° C and no higher, don’t even think about putting it in at 40° C.  Roughly translated, when and where there are instructions like this, they exist for a reason and that reason is to prevent you from completely and totally destroying your garments.

5 – Leave It to the Experts

Last but not least, if you would really like to come out with the most professional quality results possible and for the lowest price, chances are you would be much better off leaving it to the experts. Right now, getting your design – any design of any level of complexity – onto the high-quality hoodie of your choosing is as easy as firing it off in a digital form to a leading garment printing company. And in doing so you eliminate the need for having to pick up any equipment or supplies whatsoever while at the same time ensuring you don’t unwittingly ruin any garments during the printing process.