Matthew C Martino‘s former bodyguard has told us exclusively that the 21year old ‘Doesn’t have any proper job’ and ‘He arranges Coupe d’état for a living’. The minder who chose not to be named worked on Matthew’s close circle during late 2013 but claims he was dismissed by Martino’s then publicist Simon Phetter after commenting on various things that didn’t look right to him.

Ex Bodyguard On Matthew Martino 'He Arranges Coupe D'état For A Living'

Film producer Martino sparked outrage when he refused to comment on what he actually does for work during an interview with Hollywood Herald. Questions have also been raised about the source of Martino’s expensive living as he was spotted in early March flying out of Stansted Airport on a private jet, which went on to be searched by authorities after it was thought the 21year old and pals were planning to throw a party midair. This adds on to reports that Martino is being investigated for harassing an attendant at a First Class lounge at Heathrow Airport.

The minder told us ‘I have been in the industry for over 5years and worked under many clients, but Matthew has been just extraordinary, there are many occasions he asked me to do things that could have risked me losing my SIA badge and he is generally a mastermind who is always up to something, he doesn’t do any actual work neither does he have a proper job but he arranges coupe d’état for a living. He will go from meeting a Bishop to a meeting with an Imam and he doesn’t like talking to people about what he does or what he has done.’

This latest outburst will come as a total blow to Martino, who has been keeping low key and trying to stay away from the limelight. He has repeatedly turned down opportunities to act or to publicly represent brands. The film producer & author has been tipped for a political career and despite close aides insisting ‘he can’t run’ it’s thought the 21year old is considering that pathway.

Ex Bodyguard On Matthew Martino 'He Arranges Coupe D'état For A Living'

In the past Martino has told of how he is willing to be more transparent in making more information readily available to the public, he never made good on this promise, however in 2013 he released memoirs showing that he attended London Southbank University and University of Essex and he didn’t gain any qualifications from either institution.

Martino’s rep has been contacted for comment but were unreachable. Former publicist Simon Phetter has rubbished the claims and insisted he had no say in the dismissal of staff during his tenure.