Laughter is the best medicine – this is universally acknowledged fact. Even doctors and psychologists prescribe this medicine. What a better way to induce laughter in self and others than humour? Having a sense of humour is a great way to live life. It always happens that those with a great sense of humour are always the center of attention and attraction.

Never post anything, even funny ones, for the sake of it. Always give it a thought for funny stuff to say. At the same time, you will find many funny posts for all occasions. For example, you can ditch the usual boring good morning and good night wishes with a funny picture and quote. People are usually bored with senseless good morning wishes that flood their page as soon as they open their Facebook page in the morning. When you wish them good morning with a post that makes them smile, they will appreciate and like it more.

If you are still clueless about which funny posts to post, then the safest ones are the funny videos and pictures of animals and children. The funny stuff for the day are harmless and do evoke a great laughter and these posts are liked by all, young and old.

Facebook Posts That Get Maximum Likes Are Usually Funny

Tread with caution when it comes to Facebook Funny Posts

Humour does work great on Facebook and not just individual users but even brands can get great visibility and more likes and visitors if their posts are laced with humour. At the same time, you should ensure that your posts are not offensive and vulgar. Not all are able to understand an underlying humour.

Clean jokes are most funny: Many people try to relate to a contemporary incident and then share a funny take on it. You should be sensitive enough to understand the gravity of a situation. Tragic situations should never be used to poke fun at. This is rather cruel and will only evoke backlash and not likes. But if there is a gaffe by a politician and you have something funny to be said about it, then that can be a win.

Twisting quotes: A cupcake selling site once put a rather simple but funny post on their Facebook page which not only garnered much attention but must also have driven sales. They took the quote, ‘If you don’t succeed, then try again’, and twisted it a little bit to add their product. They posted a single sentence which said that if you don’t succeed at first, then it is best to eat a cupcake. It is not offensive and does bring about a smile, even on those who may not be great cupcake lovers. But at the same time, if they had used Mary Antoinette’s quote about eating a cupcake if you do not have bread to eat, it would have been insulting to millions of hungry people all over the world. Hence, always take innocent and simple quotes and twist it in such a way that it turns into a funny but sensitive post.