“Game of Thrones”, an epic English series adapted from the novel “A song of Ice and Fire”, is surely testing patience of its fans who are craving to watch the 6th Season for the same. All round the globe, there is no human who doesn’t get fanatic after watching this series. George R. R. Martin, writer to this majestic novel, spoke about his upcoming book, “Winds of Winter” which would turn out to be the 6th season of Game of Thrones. The release is by February 23rd hopefully, till then crowds predict ‘What could happen in the next?’ and also ‘who else is ought to die by the hands of George?’ Below are a few predictions laid out by me which could possibly mirror true.

As per my predictions, In ‘Kings Landing’, Cersei Lannister’s vengeance by the High Sparrow is predicted. Ser Gregor Clegane, also described as ‘The Mountain’, is to march a brawl against that of the newly appointed High Septon. This battle will play horrendous ruckus inside the gates of Kings Landing and hand tremendous opportunities for enemies to attack the realm and snatch positions of Queen Cersei as well as King Tomen Baratheon. Queen and King of Kings Landing, in the 6th season, will be endorsed by the Tyrells for protecting the realm. If you aren’t a fan already but are waiting for upcoming series and movies in the year 2016 to book tickets through bookmyshow offers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching the game of thrones more.

Game Of Thrones Season 6, The Way I predict!

Jon Snow, commander of the Night’s Watch is shown to be stabbed by his own crow brothers. Wildlings verses the crows would be presented according to my assumptions. Jon, adored by fellow wildlings and avenged by crows will turn out bitter understandings on sides of the wildlings. Jon Snow could possibly return because the character has hit the recent posters of upcoming season 6 and a hint of Bran Stark, one of the youngest wolves alive in the family has lent his voice during the display of Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser. And hence, that results in the revenge of Stark brothers by Bran, including that of Jon Snow.

Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons and Queen to Meereen in Pentos, by the support of Tyrion Lannister (assumed to be brother of Daenerys) would intrude Kings Landing and endeavor to snatch back the Iron Throne which is her birth right. There are possibilities that Castle Black may receive help by her because they are in terror by the White Walkers strike. One of the methods of destroying these creepy things is by fire and Daenerys’s Dragons are fit for the job. She will win over the Dothraki tribe and they will follow her to Westeros. But in return for favor bestowed by her, what can she ask for? Join the army and March towards Kings Landing?

Under my firm hopes, Stannis Baratheon could come back to capture Winterfell and arm vengeance against the Boltons. This indicator is ought to be positive as Brienne of Tarth, a relentless warrior under late King Robert Baratheon’s army was shown to just strike her sword, but any means of Stannis’s roar or even a corpse of his wasn’t mentioned at the eventual season 5.

Coming to Petyr Baelish, a character because of whom massive bloodshed, thirst for revenge and Game of Thrones commenced, he will become Daenerys’s advisor and plan a trial against Tyrion in the later future is what I predict. And with the help of the Mother of Dragons, Petyr could try churning her army into ashes and be the ruler of realm. This incident can only happen if George desires ‘Evil over Good.’