A headline that would have brought fears in to the hearts of many a brave Londoner a couple of decades ago now brings so much joy. The times have changed and rightfully so. That nations should be brought together in sport is great thing. Through sport cultural barriers can be broken down.

Today this statement is filled with the hope and aspirations of the thousands of Arsenal football club fans. The trio of Shkodran Mustafi, Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil are the Germans Gunners that are being referred to. Mustafi is the latest German addition to the gunners. Fans of the football team hope that he will improve the chances of grabbing the title and other silverware during this season.

German Gunners In England

An interesting thing is how media manages to unite the people for a single cause. How one phrase could instil fear in one generation and yet in another time be a display unity and loyalty. There is a #GermanGunners on social media that has gone viral. It has been used by the German players to show their pride at being part of the Arsenal football team.

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Both Arsenal football team and the German National men’s football team stand to benefit from the player set up. As the players play together both nationally and at their club they are bound to develop a chemistry that will yield results on the field. At the end of the day all that the country and the club want is to win as many games as possible.