In India, if there is any other religion apart from cricket, it is the Bollywood movies. We all love to watch movies as a part of our weekend schedule when we take a quick break from our everyday hectic lives and enter the magical world of cinema. Our Indian movies are full of drama, action and much more entertaining moments, which make it such an integral part of our culture. With the growth of our urban population and so many options like Cineplex and Malls, we can almost always get a ticket for even the most popular movie.

With the advent of the internet, it has become easier for us living in and around Ambala to check the show timings, latest movie release information, booking information, all through a dedicated website, It is one such credible website that gives you comprehensive listing of the latest movies, which is showing at a cinema near you. This website is updated on a regular basis to offer reliable information to all the movie lovers at one single place. You can get the following information by browsing this site.

Latest Movie Information at your Fingertips

As soon as the movie hits a cinema hall, there are people waiting to watch it and then review it amongst their friends and family members. However, we may not always have a newspaper in hand to tell which movie has released this week. To get all the information regarding new upcoming movies, this site will be your one-stop shop. Filled with all the necessary updates and details, you would be able to make your plans at the drop of a hat by knowing exactly which movie is being released and when. Now, don’t wait to hear it from the gossip vine about the new releases. Just login to the website and scout for the information that you are looking for.

Get The Latest Movie Updates Within Minutes

Detailed Reviews for Quick Decision-making

While most watch movies as a past time, there are also some of us that would only like to invest their precious three hours if the movie has sound reviews. Read the viewer’s ratings and comments regarding the latest releases and then make your decision accordingly. If you like what you read, then you can also get the booking information from the same page to make a quick booking.

Information About the Show Timings and Cinemas

This brings us to our next section that is the booking information. Liking a movie is not enough. You also must know where the movie is playing and at what times to make the booking accordingly. Get this information also on this website so that you do not lose out on your valuable seats because of lack of information.

It is websites like these that make a movie watching such a breezy experience. You can quickly look for the details that you want, learn about the upcoming movies, make a booking and be ready for the weekend. You can sort out your movie schedule in no time with the help of such websites.

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