Loose Women has become one of the most popular lunchtime programs offered by ITV.  It first started airing in 1999 and has a very similar layout to most lunchtime talk show programs.  This particular show has four women that serve as the hosts and entertainment for the duration of the show.  During the program they talk about different issues that are going on around the world, particuarly in the area of celebrity news or gossip.  They have pertinent guests come on the show that are interviewed by the hosts.  While watching the show is entertaining in itself, there is actually a way that you can make even more out of the show by entering a Loose Women competition!

Getting The Most Out Of ITV's Loose Women

Who is Currently Featured on the Show?

Loose Women has definitely had a long history of changing presenters.  While Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha started out the tradition, both women eventually left the show after becoming pregnant.  Adams stayed on the show until 2006, while Sawalha left in 2002.  After this time, there have been changes in both the anchor and presenter spots.  Somewhat recently the layout has changed, now featuring four anchors.  The current women who are anchors on the show are Kaye Adams, who returned to the show, Ruth Langsford, Andrea McLean, and Carol Volderman.  The women take turns as anchor, with Adams hosting two shows and the other ladies hosting the shows throughout the remainder of the week.  The show also features a panel of approximately eleven people that rotates.

What can I do to Earn Rewards for Watching Loose Women?

Like many other talk shows, both breakfast and lunchtime, there are competitions that are advertised on the show.  While most people just assume that they will not win the contest, this is an incorrect assumption!! Because some of these people choose to not take the time to enter just because they assume they won’t win, there are even more chances for you to earn a prize if you enter.  For the current competition that is being offered, there is no question to answer, you simply submit your name into a drawing and have the chance to win an outstanding prize of £20,000 and £10,000 in John Lewis vouchers.  There are rules to entering, such as entering during the correct time frame of the contest and adhering to the limitations on how many times you can enter the contest.  However, there are ways that you can increase your chances of winning by having people that you know also enter the contest!  That way your chances are increased!

Even if you don’t watch Loose Women competition or the other lunchtime or breakfast television programs, you can still enter the contests!  If you visit itv competitions and look through the elaborate list of different competitions offered by various shows and companies, you can choose which ones you want to enter, or enter them all!  You won’t have to take the time to go searching multiple websites for opportunities to win, all of these opportunities are combined into one easy location for browsing and entering!  It can’t get any easier than that!