Do you love watching Hindi movies? These days, Bollywood movies have completely changed and have become all the more entertaining. The daring acts and stunts of the actors and their fabulous acting is what has been prompting movie goers in huge numbers to go to the cinema theatres to watch their favorite stars in action.

Getting To Know The Latest Hindi Movies

Enjoying Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are not just enjoyed by the Hindi speaking people, but also are popular throughout the country with the other regional language speaking citizens. Such is the popularity of Hindi movies in the entire country that the multiplexes and traditional theatres get packed up if it stars their favorite actors and actress. The city of Bangalore is not an exception. This city has been drawing huge number of crowds from all parts of the country to avail variety of opportunities here. Since people enjoy watching Hindi movies in Bangalore, the multiplexes here boast of running some movie or the other every time.

It is possible to catch the latest Hindi movie that has been released currently. One of the best ways to know which Hindi movie has been released recently is to scour the web. There are many sites that does offer plenty of reviews and release dates of the movies, thereby helping the Bollywood cine-goers to plan their bookings and enjoy watching their choice of movie at the halls. The kind of fun and entertainment that can be had at the halls is something that cannot be had by watching videos at the home.

Some of the Latest Hindi Movies to Watch in Bangalore

  • Housefull 3 (1 Star): This is the sequence of the earlier movies Housefull 1 and 2. This movie has Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey, Lisa Hayden, Jacqueline Fernandez  and others and promises its viewers a real laugh riot. The audience can have some hearty moments. Performance of the actors is good and this can be a good weekend treat for the eyes, ears and the heart!!
  • Project Marathwada: This movie has been created with a social cause in mind on the recent spate of farmer suicides. The film makers are appreciated and cheered, while they have raised a sensitive, burning issue with this movie. The plot is definitely found to be quite exciting, connecting with the theme. The center of the drama is Om Puri, who along with the supporting cast has justified their selection. Dilip Tahil and Seema Biswas in the side role have done a fabulous job. It is indeed a must watch for those who are Om Puri fans and love movies having social cause in it.
  • Waiting (4 Stars): This movie is all about despair and hope, with two people trying to cope up with their grief. It has a balanced writing, boasts of having some refreshing plot along with the subject’s sensative handling. Moreover, the movie has remained sentimental and emotional and to the theme line.

Hence, staying alerted on the new releases can help the person to make the correct decision to watch the favorite movie at the theatres.