If you are holding an event that you want to be glamorous, for example a charity fundraising ball or auction, an industry awards ceremony, or a lavish corporate party, then it can be the small touches that give it the true A List feel. As well as having a beautiful venue, a black tie dress code, and, if food is being served, a decadent menu, you want to make your guests feel special with some extras that will make your event stand out and give it a genuine touch of class. Whether you are organizing things yourself or using an event planner, here are a few things you can have that will make your evening swankier and more luxurious for your VIP guests:

Valet Parking

Adding the convenience of valet parking makes it easier for people to make the entrance they want to. Nobody relishes teetering from a parking space in their most glamorous shoes, after all, and knowing that your car will be taken care of and returned to you when you want to leave makes you feel pampered. Use a good valet service and ensure you have a secure valet box from a good supplier like Pacific West Industries, and make sure your valets look the part in classy uniforms. If you are running a charity event, you may be surprised at the generosity if you ask for donations in return for your valet service.

Give Your Event The A List Feel


Everybody likes to see great professional photos of themselves when they are decked out for a black tie event – they make far better social media posts than selfies, after all. You can hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your guests and offer to post them with your event’s branding on them, tagging the guests. This way your guests get some beautiful pictures of their night, and you get some great publicity as their friends and family see your branded pictures on their Facebook pages and Twitter. You’ll also end up with a good collection of images of the event you can use for promotional purposes.

Gift Bags

Top events in places like Hollywood, New York and London always reward guests with a bag of things to take away. While you may not have the budget for the kind of high end gifts people get for going to the Oscars, which will usually include things like electronics and jewelry, you can find some nice, appealing things like good quality chocolates to include, along with corporate branded gifts from your own organization or your sponsors. While it is acceptable to put a little bit of promotional literature in there, keep it classy and remember it should feel more like a gift than a set of tacky sales tools. If you are a charity, you can include more of your own literature than if you are a business – remember that.

These may seem like small touches but they give an event a feeling of luxury and style that can’t be accomplished through decorations and posh drinks alone.