Crazy, right? But true. The man of many women’s dreams turns the big five-zero today, though he certainly doesn’t look it. While he might not do it for me, I do have to give the man some credit. From what I gather. he’s a wonderful father and a not-so terrible actor (the last movie I liked him in was the one where he plays a gypsy…. You know the one), I know this because my friend Amanda tells me so. Her and her mother just can’t get enough of the man.

So I got to thinking, what would someone get for the man that’s accomplished so much on his half century on the planet? I’m sure he doesn’t need another shirt or jacket, he must have enough of those, no? After discussing it with a few people, here are three things  I’ve decided I’d bring to Brad’s birthday party (if he invited me) that I doubt he already has:

3. A Whiskey and Rum making kit

No one needs a drink more than someone that’s got a bus load of kids, plus I just think this thing is kind of cool. It comes with everything you need to make your very own blends, which is something I’d assume Brad would like – he’s probably tasted the better part of what the world has to offer by now anyway. I’d probably even throw in some of these stones because even though I’ve never tried them, the premise makes sense to me. Besides, if he gets sick he has the money to get himself better.

2. A doormat with an alligator

Seriously, just try and tell me that this isn’t the coolest doormat you’ve ever seen in your life! It makes it look like there’s a freakin’ alligator coming at you! At the very least, Brad could put it out by one of the pools – It would entertain the kids (and adults alike) for hours.

1. Abraham Lincoln band-aids

Because even rich people cut themselves. And Americans loved honest Abe; why wouldn’t you want to wear his face on your boo-boos? This gift could double as a history lesson for the kids every time they cut themselves. Plus there’s a prize in the box – Bonus!

What do you think of the list – Are these gift ideas genius or ridiculous? What would you give to Mr. Pitt for his 50th? Let us know what you think in the comments!