Every single day seems to bring a completely new fashion trend to Hollywood, and it is all that us mere mortals can do to try and keep up! One day it is a particular brand of mascara that absolutely anyone who works in film cannot do without – and then all of a sudden, no one cares about it anymore. Then it’s a particular way of having hair extensions, something that absolutely everyone is doing and you are simply not part of it if you are not doing it too . . . and then somehow, everyone has had them cut out of their own hair without really knowing why. It’s not trending any more, and that is all they need to know. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with the different styles and trends that sweep the cinematic world every few weeks, and yet underneath all of that change, there are a few things that never seem to get old, and no one really seems to want to let go off. It’s a beauty trend alright, but not one that has ever really lost its appeal – and that is teeth bleaching.

Have You Spotted The Latest Beauty Trend In Hollywood?

Teeth bleaching, also known as teeth whitening, is a quick and easy way for a person to completely change the way that their smile looks, and without any major pain or fuss, which is probably why so many people in Hollywood are obsessed with it. After all, so many of their beauty trends seem to involve going under the knife, which comes with a whole host of actually life changing potential problems. When you can offer something that can be just as radically changing for their appearance but doesn’t hold any of the danger, it’s no wonder that so many people have grabbed at it with both hands! But that doesn’t really explain why so many people have become so dependent on it. What really goes on when a person has teeth bleaching?

We spoke to San Diego cosmetic dentist, and expert teeth bleacher, Dr Paige Woods, so that she could give us a little insight into exactly what goes into teeth bleaching, and the more that she explained, the more fascinated we became. When a person wants to get their teeth bleached, they will first go and see a dentist such as Dr Paige Woods and explain what sort of look they want, and are going for. Apparently a lot of patients will bring a photo of a celebrity who they want to look like, although this probably happens less often in the dental practices in Hollywood itself! Then the dentist will take molds of the patient’s teeth, and these molds will be sent away to make special plastic trays that fit their patient’s teeth with a little bit of room either side.

When these trays come back to the dental practice, the patient is brought back in, and they are given the trays along with a special whitening solution with very specific instructions. These instructions will vary slightly from patient to patient, depending on the kind of whiteness that the patient wants. Then all they have to do is go home, and follow the instructions! Dr Paige Woods says that for most people, it involves wearing the trays with the whitening solution in them for a couple of hours a day, every day, for around a fortnight. That’s all it takes – just two weeks to get whiter and brighter teeth. Some people manage it by just sticking a film on, and popping their trays in then. So what do you think of this Hollywood trend?

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