Whether a beginner or a seasoned shaver, there is a proper method to shaving that every guy should consider. Hollywood’s leading men have their shaving secrets that you should know. Shaving includes four distinct steps. These steps are prepping you face for shaving, lathering your face, shaving the hair, and after shave care.

Straight from Hollywood Salons: Getting Key Face Preparation

Good preparation is essential to preparing your face for shaving. Billy Lowe, from the Billy Lowe Salon in Beverly Hills advises before you put on shaving cream to use a pre shave oil to soften you skin. In addition, Lowe states to use a facial scrub as well to prepare the hair.

Ensure you have a lot of warm water on your beard. Using plenty of water will ensure you beard stays moist. The water softens the facial hair allowing it to be cut easier. Taking a hot shower is the best way to get your beard wet, but a hot wet towel on your face will work as well.

Hollywood Stylists Talk About Lather Secrets

Be picky about what shaving cream you use. Look to see what the ingredients in the shaving cream are. Billy Lowe advises the shaving cream should have a high content of silicone and be creamy, not foamy. A good shaving cream assists because it allows the razor to go across your skin with less friction, but it also helps keep the moisture on your skin.

Hollywood star stylist Diane Schmidtke has styled George Clooney, Jon Hamm and Taylor Lautner. On Oprah, Schmidtke stated to allow the shaving cream to stay on your face for approximately two minutes for maximum effectiveness. Use a shaving brush to apply the shaving cream into a lather. Rotate the brush in circular motions with the lather to apply it to lift up the hairs.

Hollywood Men's Shaving Tips You Need To Be Using

Hollywood’s Leading Men Explain Their Shaving Routine

An important shaving tip is to have a quality razor. The key to a good razor is that you have a sharp blade. Billy Lowe states to also use a razor that has a heavy weight and at least three to four blades.

You want to shave with the grain to reduce skin irritation. Shave your side burns and cheeks first. Shave your mustache and chin last, so the lather will have more time to stay on your face and soften your hair. The mustache and chin hairs are the hardest hair to shave on the face, thus requiring more time to soften. Use short quick strokes as you shave. Do not press down hard. Pressing too hard will increase the risk of razor bumps.

Justin Timberlake advises to keep the mustache hair above your lip trimmed close and neat. Justin says it makes the mustache much easier to manage. If you want a super close shave take a queue from John Hamm. Once you complete your shaving route, go back against the skin for ultra smooth skin.

Esquire Magazine Tells All…On Aftershave Skin Care

When you are done shaving rinse your face with warm water and use a facial cleanser with tea tree oil to help eliminate bumps. Esquire magazine advises once this is complete; rinse your face off again with cool water to help close your pores.

The last step to shaving is to use moisturizer. Find a lotion that has after shave and a moisturizer in it. Make sure the lotion is designed for men because womens moisturizers can be greasy to guys skin. Diane Schmidtke also advises to use an SPF lotion on your face to protect your skin from the sun.

You can keep shaving your old way or use shaving tips from The Art of Shaving. The Hollywood experts recommend you take the time to take care of your face for the best results.

Do not be overwhelmed by the amount of items needed for a Hollywood shave. A quick search online will give you results for merchants to get you any product you need for a tinsel town look.

Now that you have the inside scoop on Hollywood shaving advise, try them and see if your shaving regimen improves. Keep in mind that each shaving step serves a purpose and if you skip a step you may not get the shaving results you want. Good luck and happy shaving!