Starting your career as a model is a really exciting prospect, but many people have these dreams that they just don’t know how to follow. Waking up one day and deciding to be a teenage model is one thing, but actually achieving this dream is a different thing entirely.

Becoming a model takes determination, hard work, and know-how. Many people with these dreams underestimate the significance of having a portfolio. In the modelling industry, your portfolio is your CV and a good modelling portfolio is essential to make a great first impression, capture the attention of potential clients and agencies, and to make your dream come true.

What is a Modelling Portfolio?

A modelling portfolio is a collection of your best photographs. These professional photographs should be specifically produced for your portfolio and show what you have to offer. Many people choose to have portfolios online today to make it more accessible and visible in the modelling world. You can choose to produce your portfolio yourself, or you can get your hands on a few good shots and try to capture the attention of a good modelling agency to do it for you. Always be sure you are signing up to the right agency for you if you choose this route; you should make this decision carefully reviewing testimonials, previous work, outcomes for other models on the books, and the reputation the agency has.

How Can Good Modelling Portfolio Help You To Become A Teenage Model?

Becoming a Model…

The fashion industry is extremely competitive and it takes a certain type of determined person to break into the limelight. Becoming a teenage model is easy for some individuals and a little more difficult for others. Sometimes it’s simply being in the right place at the right time, and other times you just need a reputable agent on side.

Building a portfolio is the obvious way to begin your journey. You can save money straight off by searching online for a photographer in a similar position as you (building their own portfolio) and get the shots you need to either begin your portfolio online or to allow you to submit to a reputable modelling agency.

If you are looking to become a teenage model; it’s really important that you involve your parents every step of the way. You will more than likely need their consent with an agency and clients alike. Make sure you do your research and generally show your parents how serious you are about a career in modelling so you can gain their full support.

With your portfolio, or the shots you have, you can use the web to help you find available jobs appropriate for your age. You can also search for reputable modelling agents that will be able to provide work for you. It’s needless to say that if you are looking for work or planning to meet with an agent, make sure you are professional at all times and practice your walk, posture, etc. so you can make the right impression the first time when meeting people.

Building Your Portfolio

If you have made the decision to become a teenage model and you have decided to put together a professional portfolio; you are on the right track. You should put as much effort and time as possible in to making sure your portfolio is finished to a high standard as the quality of your portfolio will determine the quality of the jobs you can expect to receive. Here are a few tips to help you in building your portfolio to become a teenage model:

  1. Make-up. Obviously you don’t want to make yourself up too much as you are trying to sell your look as a natural beauty, but a make-up artist could be a good idea. Again, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean a great expense. If you are comfortable making yourself up, then that is entirely up to you. Research online to see the kind of look the agency is signing up so you can fit the criteria you expect they have.
  2. Strike a pose. In addition to making yourself up, you also need to consider your poses. Again, you can use the web to see what professional models are doing and practice in front of the mirror! Make sure you are comfortable and flow naturally from one pose to the other. Don’t overdo it too much; you are looking to give a good impression and should imitate natural stances.
  3. Once you have carefully considered your make-up options and your poses, you need to make a decision on the looks you want to go for. Consider variety and be natural. Obviously, you need to be able to show variety, so change your outfit and use any skills you have to show how you can adapt. If you are a dancer for example, you can use a pose here to show how you can fit into different shoots.
  4. Impressions. It’s really important, as a model, to make sure you look the part. You must take care of yourself keeping your hair and skin in the best condition as you never know when you might be called up for a job. A clean and well-groomed appearance is essential.
  5. Find a professional photographer to take your shots. As previously mentioned; this doesn’t have to mean a great expense to you. Look online for a photographer in the same boat as you. A photographer building their own portfolio may even take your shots for free, which means you get professional quality, the shots you need, and they get the same from you. Alternatively, you can pay for a service.
  6. Meet with the photographer. Whether you are strapped for cash or not, you don’t have to settle for one photographer. You can meet with a few different photographers, get the information you need, and make a decision. In order for you to get the quality and professional shots that show everything you can offer; you need a photographer you feel comfortable with and that you can work with easily.

The obvious next step is to enjoy your photo shoot. Make sure you check everything is still in place the day before to avoid disappointment. Remember that you don’t need to be nervous as the photographer is on your side here. And, make sure you are happy with everything going on around you before you begin so you can be comfortable in the environment you are in as this will be reflected in your body language and expressions.

When you have your shots, you can begin your journey! Obviously you will need to look through your shots and decide on those that you will use. Make sure you use your research when making this decision and get input from others around you. You can choose the path you take from here for your career. A good modelling portfolio is essential to sell yourself in the modelling industry. Use your shots to set up a portfolio online, set up a hard-portfolio, and to present to that reputable agency that can help you find the right path and bring you the work that you are looking for as a teenage model. The final note is to make sure you update your portfolio regularly. As you become more comfortable with modelling your shots will be so different from those first shots you took, so keep your portfolio up-to-date to ensure you get the best opportunities.