One of the most famous American businessmen in the USA today is William Lauder. He is no stranger to the beauty and skincare business in the USA and has been very successful in the history of one of the largest cosmetic brands in the world, Clinique. He is one of the best leaders of this industry. Under his expert guidance and leadership besides Clinique, all the products and brands he has been associated with have developed and gained international recognition. Let us take a look at this man in depth and see how he was successful in changing the face of many brands in the American beauty and skincare industry today!

William Lauder was born in the year 1960 to Evelyn and Leonard Lauder. He was not a stranger to the American beauty business as his grandmother, Mrs Estée Lauder owned one of the largest skincare and cosmetic companies in the USA- The Estée Lauder Companies. This Company also dealt with makeup products. It was obvious that William would join his grandmother’s company and bring in new horizons of change. He graduated with a B.S in Economics in 1983 from the Wharton School under The University of Pennsylvania.

How Clinique Evolved As A Global Brand

William’s stint with the cosmetic and beauty industry showed promise when he became the President of the Clinique Laboratories. He was the President from June 1998 to July 2001. At that period of time, Clinique grabbed the limelight with its first ever anti-aging product called Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. He was instrumental in making this unique product a global success. The product began selling like hot cakes in the major department stores of America. In no time. Clinique emerged as one of the most loved brands of skin care in the world of beauty.

Soon after, this international acclaim for Clinique, William Lauder went ahead with another successful product of the brand. This product was the Stop Signs Visible Anti-Ageing Serum. The product saw a bigger volume of success when it finally bagged the Cosmetic Executive Women Award for being the “Best Skin Care Product in Limited Distribution” in the year 2000.  Later, he was successful in spearheading the introduction of the Clinique Simple Hair Care System. He was overlooking the creation and development of the website of the brand. He used the website as a major promotion and marketing tool. This clicked well for the Company and attracted potential customers. Existing customers became more engaged and brand loyalty was established in no time!