We can see so many artists around us like one who sings, dances, plays instruments etc. Art is a gift of God and is not something which could be sold through the market. If we hear a person singing or playing an instrument, we can’t call him a good musician. The word musician is something more than that. A person who can understand, compose, play and perform music could be called as a good musician. He should be a person who updates his knowledge in music day by day. He can depend on magazines, media and websites like Lyrics Feast etc. To be always active in the music field.

A good musician will always be open hearted and will be ready to cooperate with other musicians without ego. He should have knowledge about every aspect of music. We can see some important steps to be followed to become a good musician.

# Be a Good Learner

All great personalities were good learners. So, to be an established musician, first you have to study about various aspects of music. It may include, the theory of music, its history, about famous musicians, their life and experience, playing different musical instruments etc. Theory of music is universal and it varies with the type of music dealt with. If you master the music lessons, you can easily instruct a player to perform by explaining it in its own technical terms or by giving a demo on how to play. Websites of Lyrics Feast will help you in your learning process.

How To Be A Good Musician?

# Try to Perform in Collaborating with others

We can see that there are so many established musicians and bands. It is important for you to get good experience in performing. For that, you can try to be a member of a group which influence you a lot. You can learn a lot being in a group. It will help to standardize your timing and rhythm. You can enjoy a lot more by joining a band than by performing in solo. It helps to increase your confidence level too. The problem with people is that if they find out that they know something, they will start thinking that they are superior to others. This thought will cultivate strong ego problems and they keep away from accepting other geniuses. Always try to set your mind in such a way that there are so many people around you who know something which you don’t. If you work in a band, you can learn a lot from your fellow players.

# Enjoy and Perform Well

While doing a show by facing the audience, make sure that you are not going to simply exhibit your ability before them. Performance is a kind of art which needs enjoyment from your part. If you do something and enjoy doing it, its result will be amazing. Only by doing so, you can enter into the hearts of your audience. Try to get their silent or active participation in your show. To perform well, memorizing the parts you have to play will always help. This will increase your confidence level too.

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