By now you’ve probably seen the new Weird Al video for “Tacky”, a fun and playful spoof of Pharell Williams’ “Happy”. This video features both men and women sporting some of the tackiest apparel and accessories available. From neon colors to bold patterns, and unique clothing styles, it seems like Weird Al is demonstrating exactly what *not* to ever wear.  However, it is possible to wear all of the fashions featured in Weird Al’s music video without looking tacky. Here is your breakdown on how to wear bold fashions and look trendy, not tacky.

Style: Neon Colors

Weird Al and all of his friends sure do wear a lot of neon colors in the video for “Tacky”. Does this mean you should hurry up and burn every piece of neon apparel you own? No! What makes Weird Al and friends look tacky with their neon colors is the fact that that they wear neon and neon and neon combined with other outdated trends such as airbrushing. The key to making neon look trendy is to wear only *one* article of clothing or accessory that is neon and only *one* color. Neon is so bright that it makes a statement all on its own. When you try to pair neon with neon you’ll create a tacky clash of colors and patterns that is hard on the eyes. For best results choose one neon color or pattern and pair it with a dark, solid color like black.

How To Dress Trendy Without Looking Tacky

Style: Bold patterns

Patterns are meant to be fun, but when you over-do it like Weird Al, it not only looks tacky, but outright nauseating. Allow your patterns to show off a small piece of your bubbly personality without giving those around you a headache. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to stick to just one pattern. You *can* mix patterns, but not easily. The key to mixing patterns successfully is to use the same basic color. For example, if one pattern is purple than the other pattern should be another shade of purple. You wouldn’t want to mix purple with orange (unless of course you’re Weird Al…). You should also find subtle ways to mix your patterns. For example, instead of having a plaid jacket and floral pants, choose a plaid jacket with floral shoes or another more subtle item.

Style: Unique Clothing Styles

Everyone wears jeans and everyone wears t-shirts. But what about overalls or rompers? These are much more risky, and perhaps that is why the one girl with the neon romper stands out so much in video for “Tacky”. However, you should not be afraid to add sexy rompers to your wardrobe. The girl in Weird Al’s video makes her romper look tacky by pairing it with numerous neon colors, a crazy hat, and multiple patterns. To call it “over-the-top” would be putting it very gently. The key for wearing a romper and having it look sexy and trendy is to make it more flirty than tacky! The easiest way to do this is to show a little skin. Instead of piling your romper on over a baggy t-shirt, opt for a tight crop top in a solid color instead. You can also choose to wear a sheer romper instead. Or, if you’d prefer to cover up more, go the girly route and choose a romper with a floral pattern. No matter which style you choose so long as you keep it simple you’ll be sure to look like a sexy, trendy fashionista and not a tacky clown, unlike the girl from Weird Al’s video.

Are you ready to experiment with bold patterns and styles to create your own unique look? When you follow these tips you’ll be sure to look your best with your own unique fashion trends without having to worry about looking Tacky. There will be no risk of ending up in a Weird Al video…that is unless he decides to create a new parody featuring the hottest trends…