One of the most difficult and tricky parts of finding the perfect place for a film set to come to life is the actual pinning down of the perfect location. Getting the ideal geography and aesthetics in a hospitable environment where the public or authorities will not be impeded upon (and the other way around) can be quite a cumbersome and time and money wasting affair. With the dawn of the digital age, however, the next ideal location can just be a click away.

How To Find The Perfect Location For Your Film

Getting the Most out of the Internet

By simply going online, you can gain intimate previews to an infinite variety of potential locations all around the world. As many films may require a very specific set of geographical and cultural stipulations, you will need the relevant film production services to assist you in refining your search. The best services are those that have many different filters that allow you to hone your search to the most desirable location available.

Receiving Permits

Once you have decided on your location, you will now need to contact the relevant local film commissions in order to organize permission to film. The relevant authorities will also be able to provide you with a wealth of information – both written and visual – regarding the layout of the area you wish to film in. The best kinds of film commissions are those that are friendly and passionate about foreigners entering their countries to film. The right film production services will greatly help with the administrative and diplomatic side, and if this company already has good relations with the local authorities, then you are only furthering your location scouting efforts.

Visiting the Location in Person

Once the administrative background checks have been successfully carried out, it is now time for you to visit your future set in person. This provides the most intimate and accessible preview available, and allows you to perfectly work through whether your vision will be able to appropriately come to life. While you tour the area, make sure to take as many photos, record videos, and write out as much anecdotal information as possible for the rest of your crew to have insight as well.

Audio Concerns

While strong winds or broody weather cannot be avoided in certain biomes, you need to ensure that the environment being considered will not impeach too greatly on the quality of sound. There can be a great loss of legitimacy in terms of audio if your location poses real threats to sound capturing.

Considering the Script

While you may believe you have found the perfect set following preliminary touring, you need to ensure that your script will be able to be perfectly carried out. There is no point in closing your search if the decided upon location will not be able to facilitate integral parts of your script. While more minor scenes can be altered, remember that your overall theme should not be manipulated to suit your new location, especially if this would mean the erasure of other crew workers’ efforts.