Music has always been a part of one’s life. When you feel exhausted, tired and depressed, you play something good to feel relieved. There are even times, where you are happy or excited, you can hear music playing. Sometimes, you will not even notice the tears coming from your eyes while playing a song. This only means that music can change someone’s mood. It is because it can touch your heart and mind. You will only experience such feelings over a music with a high quality sound.

Before, you need to buy CD’s and cassette tapes only just to play good quality songs. But today, you can easily download songs online and save them on your device. You may even get some audio files for free. And so, for those who are interested in sharing their compositions or playlist, they would need to check the process through sites From there, they can easily promote their talent and play their music via SoundCloud – a platform that marketing and promotional companies incorporate for audio-related purposes.

Luckily, a lot of individuals today, also enjoys playing streaming audio files from their desktop or mobile phones. Sometimes, listeners prefer to do that instead of downloading it. To enjoy this, you need to sign up an account on sites, offering such music-sharing services. It is true that you can do this for free, but that will just give you a limited feature. So, to fully enjoy the maximum experience, you will have to pay and avail their packages. This is true for almost all audio streaming sites that provides a high quality sound. Since you are interested in playing HQ audio, then it would be great to know how SoundCloud platform works and why marketing companies rely on it.


SoundCloud is a music or audio streaming site under the Internet community. It distributes audio platform and share music that will enable users from all over the world do activities, such as uploading, promoting as well as sharing audio. Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss founded this in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden and was launched in 2008.

It comes with an interface that integrates various applications like DAW or Digital Audio Workstation software. This includes Studio One, Logic Pro and GarageBand. Its API or Application Programming Interface also supports different files, such as MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA, AMR, AAC, OGG, AIFF, ALAC and FLAC. The files are transcoded to MP3 streaming at 128kbps and to Opus at 64kbps.


Through SoundCloud, a registered user will be able to access various features. First, you will be able to have an access to the uploaded files and may share it your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Take note that if you are using your mobile device, then you will need to download and install the app. Through this, you can easily play the sound tracks from your Facebook. Third, those who have their own websites or blogs may embed this widget. As a programmer or web developer, you are surely interested to find more about widgets.

Next, when an audio segment is being played, the user may post comments on the track. The audio comes in a form of graphical waveforms. Lastly, you may create your playlist or set. This will be easier for you to play your favorite songs.


It is true that users may register and enjoy the features of this audio streaming service. Luckily, you may enjoy listening to unlimited audio files. You are also allowed to upload on your profiles, an audio with a maximum of 180 minutes for free.

Premium services are also offered to musicians with the Pro banner. This service will allow registered users a maximum of 6 hours audio uploading. Aside from that, you will enjoy the analytics feature. And then, you will be able to disable posting comments on the tracks.

In 2016, the Go was unveiled, which is also another subscription for users to avail. In 2017, this was renamed to Go+. This streaming service will provide the subscriber an ad-free experience. You may also enjoy the offline audio playback and integrate licensed audio.

Mobile App

The Pulse was released in 2015 for mobile use, so you can get it from your favorite app store. It was designed for registered users to enjoy audio streaming, music discovery, sharing and playlist. Of course, the users can also reply to comments, manage the uploaded files and to view the statistics.

A lot of individuals today rely too much on mobile apps. Therefore, users would surely enjoy the mobile features. I guess, what developers need to focus working and enhancing now is to add more features that are not available and offered by their competitors. Today’s generation is surely looking forward to the changes that would be developed.