As a leading source in television providers, DISH Network is often introducing the public to new and improved features to enhance their viewing experience, and the company’s latest debut is no exception. Taking notice that more and more TV aficionados are opting to give up the luxury of their cable or satellite packages in favor of cheaper options like Netflix and Hulu, DISH has responded with an alternative, the much-buzzed-about Sling TV, which just may keep their subscribers from having to cut the cord altogether in an effort to save money. Sling TV gives us a glimpse into what we may soon start to see become the norm for television programming.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an innovative service provided by DISH Network for U.S. customers who might be looking for a more affordable television plan. It will support live programming that streams through Wi-Fi and is designed to compete with other on-demand companies that have already attracted numerous subscribers. Furthermore, once the app has been downloaded on any of the supported devices (computer, smartphone, Roku, etc.), anyone with a Sling TV account can access it wherever there’s an internet connection.

Is DISH Network's New Sling TV the Answer For Cash-Strapped Subscribers?

What Does it Mean For Subscribers?

Starting at $20 a month, subscribers will be able to get a variety of channels that will include TNT, Disney, CNN and ESPN. At that price, which can accommodate almost any budget, someone who was considering canceling their expensive cable or satellite package altogether now has the opportunity to get an affordable replacement for their TV lineup. While it is still necessary to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, subscribers would be able to do away with their high-priced bundling packages in favor of this smaller scale offering.

What is sure to be one of the most appealing aspects of Sling TV is that anyone who decides to sign up won’t be trapped in a contract for any length of time. Unlike other services that generally require long-term commitments with their TV plans, cancellation is available any time without penalty.

Is it Right For You?

Everyone’s television programming needs are different. Some are content with nothing more than rabbit ears and a fuzzy signal, but if this is not you, it’s important to find a solution that will sustain your enjoyment of TV and be economical at the same time. Sling TV may be the answer for a lot of those who are cash-strapped but unwilling to totally give up their favorite shows. Doing your research, pricing it all out and maybe even adding on a Netflix or Hulu supplement can turn out to give you exactly what you want from the small screen and still be cheaper than the current price of your existing package.

With the new Sling TV offering from DISH Network, it’s likely there will begin to be a big shift in normal television subscriptions, with the more non-traditional services becoming the preference among customers. The main considerations in choosing any cable, satellite or on-demand company will continue to be cost and programming availability.