In 1991, Jacob & Co. , the famous jeweler in town was born. With twenty years of experience in customized manufacturing and private labels, the jewelery designer, Jacob Aravob introduced   Jacob & Co. to the world. The founder used to be a gem setter and a bench jeweler when young. During that time, his love for jewels developed. Not too far in the future, did he start trading with precious gems and also manufacturing charismatic and exclusive jewelry pieces which grabbed the attention of jewelry loving people all around the world.

Jacob the jeweler constantly produces timeless jewelry collections which can be traced back to the jewelry fabrication tradition of Europe. Despite its traditional touch, the pieces have unique designs and the constant evolution from experimentation with innovation can be seen.

Jacob The Jeweler – A Place For Jewelry Lovers

Motto of the Jeweler

Jacob’s set of skills has catapulted it in becoming one among the most influential and youngest independent jewelry manufacturers in the world. They can spot the most unusual and rare jewels. The elite and the colored and diamond gemstone merchants all know about it. Because of his love for gems, Jacob’s founder has had many adventures while searching for rare gemstones. During these trips, he has met a number of people who add up to an impressive contact list. This list boasts of well known gem dealers around the globe.

This point out Jacob’s ability to be competitive in finished jewelry products as well as loose stones. All the efforts of Jacob’s are directed to innovation and fascination. They aim for unmatched service and customer satisfaction alongside presenting quality products. Their business is responsible and transparent. They have an unaccountable manner of doing things. Their aim is to manage their influence over the environment through a reduction in negative impacts caused to harm the environment from their operations.

Jacob the jeweler is committed to aid responsible practices in business regarding sourcing of precious metals, gemstones and any other material which are used to create their jewelry.

Catering to a Large Variety

To this day, Jacob has over three hundred and fifty craftsmen who can be found in the Armenia and Thailand. Jacob has a loyal client base of internationally reputed jewelry companies who feature in all major markets of the world. This client support has helped in the creation of a huge database containing more than twenty thousand designs which are the favorites of a number of clients.

The idea behind jewelry may be as striking as an actual piece. A jewelry often is offered to commemorate significant and milestone occasions in people’s lives and to rejoice loving relationships. And to supply these gorgeous ornaments, there are creative jewelers in this world.

Mr. Jacob is one such name who has made tremendous progress in this respect. Quickly turning into a distinctive learner in the class of jewelry making, Mr. Jacob became noticeable to his professors for his design work. Jacob the jeweler has really made his firm enriched with all the major diamond ornaments giving it a unique from his own idea.