Telangana is an Indian state that came into existence on 2nd June, 2014, after much struggle and sacrifice. The state was separated from Andhra Pradesh after a decade long movement by the people, who felt that injustice was being done to them with regards to division of water, education resources, budget and job opportunities.In 2015, one year anniversary of the new state was celebrated with much pomp and flair. This year as well there are elaborate plans to celebrate Telangana Formation Day on 2nd June, 2016. The celebrations will start at the Martyr’s Memorial, where tribute will be paid to the martyrs by Ministers and other officials. Then, there will be a ceremonial parade and flag hoisting will be done on all the government and semi-government buildings.

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The main part of the celebrations will then commence, which will include different shows and programs that depict the rich culture and traditions of Telangana. These will consist of readings by poets, musical shows with folk songs and dances, comedy shows and art performances. Lighting will be done at different buildings and traffic signals, which will illuminate the whole state.Awards will also be presented to different people for their services and contributions in making Telangana a better and more prosperous state. 25 awards will be given; these will include awards for best doctor, best journalist, best scientist etc.

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