Kim Kardashian, desperately fighting the rumors of cosmetic post-pregnancy makeover, recently made it clear that she is in the brightest yellow of glamour. The yellow, associated traditionally with gold and sun, reflected the brightness of the Kardashian glamour queen. She kept up her appearance of confidence in a bright yellow coat attending the NY City concert of beau rapper Kanye West. Beneath the coat, she wore a short purple top and a top-waist green skirt. The mom of five months, came over at the Yeezus concert accompanied by close acquaintances, Cara Delvingne, LaLa Anthony, and Jonathan Cheban. The sheer black top she wore at the Yeezus concert left only a little about her cleavage to the imagination. She has been at the center of media attention for some time since she lost around 70 lbs of the pregnancy weight.

The starlet from ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ has been heavy handedly trying to refute the rumors that a Beverley Hills cosmetic surgeon played a major role in helping her lose weight. The rumors are pretty articulate in explaining how the reality show star underwent stretch mark treatments, fat reducing ultrasonic procedures, and dermal fillers at the clinic. Reportedly, she shelled out $5000 for each session at the cosmetic surgery facility. Kim expressed her ‘frustration’ on the ‘fake rumors’ at the microblogging site where she stuck strongly to her statement. She insisted on losing the baby fat in the healthy way, following a strict regimen of planned diet and regular exercises.

She was also praising the effectiveness of the Atkins diet in helping her to cut the flab. She claimed to be the ‘most disciplined’ person one would ever meet. Corroborating her story, a rep from the Atkins Diet enterprise confirmed that Kim has been a prestigious proponent of their amazing fat burning diet plan. Speaking to an entertainment outlet in October, Atkins spokeswoman Jennifer Livingstone verified that Kim contacted the company right after her delivery on June 15. The report says that Kim had previous experience following the diet successfully. After her doctor gave a go-ahead, the nutrition vice president from Atkins, Colette Heimowitz took the opportunity to offer direct counseling to the starlet. Livingstone described Kim’s diet to consist of lots of lean beef, fish, leafy greens, olive oil, nuts, avocado, broccoli and spinach.

Kim also praised her loving family members to inspire her on workouts. Talking at the Jay Leno show on October, she confessed that in the early days she could not exercise much. Then, she followed the plan of finding someone to accompany her on her hikes. She went on to daily trips with different family members, and sometimes with her boyfriend Kanye West. West has always been a huge admirer and a strong pillar of support for his fiancée. In fact, the rapper has been taking up a proactive role in promoting his girlfriend to the fashion doyennes like Vogue editor Anna Wintour and famed creative director Grace Coddington. Kayne introduced Kim to the elite fashionistas at his recent concert in Barclay’s Center. The acclaimed Wintour kept on her dark sunglasses on a firm and indifferent countenance though.