**SPOILER ALERT** If you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet and you want what happened to remain a surprise until you do, you should probably skip this post altogether.

How I Met Your Mother is drawing ever closer to the end of the series, and many people are wondering what they’re going to do with their Monday nights once it’s all over, myself included. Until the bitter end comes though, we’re hanging on to every second that we can. The season so far has had its ups and downs, but last night was a definite up (short of a few hiccups).

Since Barney and Robyn have known each other, they’ve been in this kind of perpetual competition with each other. Once you’ve met your maker, the logical next step is to get married, right? But all good things must come to an end, and Robyn doesn’t want to spend her marriage guessing what scenarios are real and what ones are fake (can you blame her?), so she makes her fiancé promise – NO MORE PRANKS.

Barney being, well, Barney; thinks that she must be lying and that she’s concocted this big intricate plan that will move their lovely rehearsal dinner to his favorite place on earth – The laser tag arena. He goes to “get ice” for the dinner and takes himself into the laser tag place, which is conveniently right next door. When he realizes that there is no dinner, he throws a fit and gets himself arrested, so Robyn has to go pick him up.

After most of the show is spent explaining why Barney was convinced the dinner simply HAD to be at the laser tag place, the truth is revealed. Mr. Surprise himself has managed to turn an ice rink into a faux crime scene. He surprises his blushing bride with her size six hockey skates and an autographed picture of her fave hockey player, Wayne Gretsky. WHAT A TWIST!

I’m not gonna lie, when the walls were raised and the arena was unveiled with all the family and friends, I cried. If someone will go to THAT extent for you, marry them. Legit.

I did however find it a little strange that Marshall (played by Jason Segal) wasn’t in this episode at all, when you consider how much he’s been in communication with the group throughout the season thus far. For awhile I thought he’d be there at the end of the episode, but no such luck.

Too bad, he and Lily need to work out their issues soontime, before the series comes to an end.