(As always, if you’ve not yet had the chance to catch the episode, you might wanna skip this post until you do)

I didn’t actually start watching Modern Family until last year. I’d seen different members of the cast on different morning shows and what-not and decided that the premise just wasn’t for me. You see, I grew up watching what I considered to be the best “family shows” of all time (even if they were a little cheesy) – Full House, Family Matters, etc.; and I was convinced that it’d never get better than that. Why would I be interested in a show about a family that knew how to use technology properly (yes, this is what I thought the show was all about)?

But my boyfriend persistently told me I simply had to watch it, or at the very least give it a shot. I did, and I think caught up on all five seasons in a week. So worth it.

Anyway, last night’s episode, although rather disappointing in humor, was a long time coming in my opinion. Poor Alex. It was just a matter of time before all the pressure she puts on herself to be the absolute best in everything got to her and she snapped. It just sucks that that snap had to happen on her birthday; that looked like a good cake!

Last Night's Recap: Modern Family

So, she snaps and decides to go see a therapist. Can somebody explain to me why everyone’s immediate reaction to stress is to seek professional help? Whatever happened to talking to a trusted loved one, or self reflection through meditation? Anyway….

Manny and Luke meet a set of twins and end up having lunch with them. The one Luke picks is obviously more suited for Manny, and vice-versa. They don’t appear much in the episode, which is fine by me because it’s a stupid premise as far as I’m concerned. I think the writers were just trying to work them in where they could.

Gloria gets in a dodgeball fight with another mother at parent day – Not surprising – while Phil and Jay set a projector on fire. Again, I think this was just filler writing.

Mitch, the environmental lawyer, gets into it with his clearly much greener neighbor, played by Jesse Eisenberg (who reminds me so much of Michael Cera it’s sick). While trying to prove Mitch is so green that he’s won an award. he basically ruins the poor guy’s yard. They make up in the end though.